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Redrose52 08-30-2006 12:06 PM

Upgrade to SES Voice Reconition
We have the Motorola Combo Assist/Bluetooth Module
Our Model # is 84 11 6 946 993 - 1st Generation. It does not have the SES Voice Reconition built in but I understand there is a separate module that would give it that capibility. Does anyone know where to get the module? I thought I had read somewhere that it runs about $300 US.

UCrewX5 08-30-2006 12:09 PM

here's one - http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/BMW-S...spagenameZWDVW

not my auction and therefore I can't guaranty that it will work for your application.

:goodluck: and :xoutpost:

apw2607 08-30-2006 12:12 PM

Send me a PM if you are interested ... I've got one for sale .... similar to the one in the auction. US version .....

davipt 09-05-2006 11:15 AM

The voice recognition is a separate module from the "motorola" bluetooth box:


apw2607 09-05-2006 12:27 PM

Just to be clear. The very first generation of the BT/Assist module -993 did not include VR commands. VR can be added with seperate module described above, and includes voice commands for phone + nav + notepad.

Subsequent releases of the BT/Assist module (came in around 03/2005) did include VR commands for the phone only.

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