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Xoutpost 01-09-2006 11:05 AM

Nevigation Retrofit Addendum Information
<b>Contributed by:</b> Geoff Allison<br /><br /><tt>To those who have retro-fitted navigation to an X5 using the
official BMW<br/>
retro-fit kit, part number:<br/>
65 90 0 136 497<br/>
I can assure you there is a factory mistake in the BMW supplied wiring
with this kit.<br/>
After I installed mine some four months ago all worked perfectly it
but then I decided to check the service menu settings (not part of the BMW<br/>
instructions funnily enough) and I noticed that in the service menu, that<br/>
under the &quot;sensor&quot; menu I did not get any wheel sensor readings. I did get<br/>
reverse/forward and Gyro etc.<br/>
So I checked and checked again the connections - all as specified in the<br/>
instructions, I tried a different NAV computer (a MK III, I have a MK IV)<br/>
and all was the same.<br/>
I e-mailed this group and you (some of you) told me that this sensor
should read zero when still and figures like 289 when moving (goes up with<br/>
speed), not so in my car!<br/>
Then I looked at the wiring diagram in the instructions again, the DFAHL<br/>
wire (the one we need) goes to the &quot;Bordeaux&quot; coloured plug on the NAV Mk<br/>
III or MK IV computer/disk system on PIN 11.<br/>
I then looked at this web site: <a href="http://www.baso.no/">
And in the E39 the DFAHL wire is connected to PIN 10 of this plug (it is a<br/>
brown wire with a red stripe) and PIN 11 is marked as not used. I then
the E38 retro-fit kit instructions from BMW on the Web and the circuit<br/>
diagram in these instructions also showed PIN 10!.<br/>
So I moved the wire from PIN 11 to PIN 10 and now it works!!! I get sensor<br/>
readings and in tunnels the car still moves along the road, great stuff.<br/>
So to all those who have used this kit, please move your pin!<br/>
Regards, Geoff Allison<br/>
P.S. This fault is not obvious and can only be detected in the service
when you are on the move, but correcting it does improve the NAV slightly.</tt><br /><br /><br /><br />

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