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Pentium 09-29-2007 08:23 PM

BMW 1-Series Cabrio Revealed
source WCF...

The fourth variant in BMW's 1-Series model range has now arrived with official details and photos being released today. But while the pictures speak for themselves, oddly enough only German-language information has surfaced. So forgive what might be a poor translation of the Cabriolet's German press release - official information in English is bound to surface very shortly.
BMW describe the newest edition to the marque's Cabriolet line-up as having characteristics typical of the brand and sporting a youthful, but elegant design, made so by its sleek profile, muscular wheel arches and pronounced shoulder-line.
Dubbed by the firm as the 'first premium cabriolet in the compact segment', the new soft-top 1-Series features an electro-hydraulic roof, capable of automatically opening and closing in 22 seconds - at speeds of up to 40 kph (25 mph). Exclusive options for the 1-Series' soft-top roof are also available. An anthracite grey option with glossed filaments allows for an interesting silver effect on sunny days, while the cabin is adorned by high quality materials and upholsteries. A 'class-first' in its stowage capability also allows for the safe transportation of golf clubs, or even two snowboards.
Touted as an authentic first rung onto the ladder towards the 'world of BMW Cabrios', the new 1-Series Cabriolet offers four petrol models ranging from the 118i's 143 hp 2.0-litre unit to the 306 hp 3.0-litre six-cylinder 135i, while a 177 hp four-cylinder turbodiesel will also be available.
An official English-language press release will be published very shortly, so stay with us for all the details. The Cabriolet hits showrooms next year.





more photos here!


First video...



LeMansX5 09-29-2007 09:33 PM


mrkbbd 09-29-2007 09:55 PM

why may I ask are there 4 seats in something so small?

LeMansX5 09-29-2007 09:58 PM


Originally Posted by mrkbbd
why may I ask are there 4 seats in something so small?

Mini Cooper is smaller and has 4 seats.

trueX5er 09-29-2007 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by LeMansX5
Mini Cooper is smaller and has 4 seats.

which one has more interior volume/space? I wouldn't be surprised if they were equal.
Are we talking Lexus SC430/Jag XK-like back seat space?

It looks nice btw :)

Pentium 09-29-2007 11:25 PM

I like it with 4 seats..it's not a Roadster after all :)...

thanx LeMans for the rest of the photos :D

ljnlaw 10-02-2007 07:05 PM

The 135i reminds more of the E30 M3 than the '02. It will be an amazing ride! I love that green..what is it called?

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