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chrislux 12-30-2010 10:37 AM

Roadtrip Lux-W'ton-Lux Dec 2010
Just thought I'd share my picture experiences on our journey back to UK Dec 18th/26th
to visit family and friends for X-mas in our E53 3.0d .

I decided to make a link to my Photobucket account as there are too many photos for one
post .

Roadtrip Dec 2010 pictures by chrislux - Photobucket

Our itinerary was as follows ;
Lux to Calais , crossed on Chunnel , Ashford , Maidstone , Almondsbury , Dursley , Wolverhampton .

We covered 2200 kms and averaged 34.6 mpg over the journey , most of it motorway or A roads , with a little town work , and a lot of waiting !!

4x4 with winter tyres proved far superior to most travellers , with result that even in lane 3 with 6''+ snow , we made good time on the way over .

However , the return journey was a little different , 3 1/2 hrs W'ton to Chunnel was good progress , but then a 4 hr wait plus other obstacles meant 15 hrs total journey time as apposed to the usual 8-10 hrs .

Pls excuse the quality of some of the photos , it's an older camera and with flash it didn't work whilst in motion at night , so I elected to take without so I could make this posting .

Hope you enjoy it .
Happy New Year

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