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flmtrain 02-13-2016 12:34 AM

Future 2013 X1 owner, three season tire question
Hello everyone, I am new here. Looking to purchase a certified 2013 X1 with m sport package. It has 41K miles and it's really been taken care of in excellent condition. I am located in Maryland and the vehicle with the M sport package has 19" wheels with three season Pirelli P zero three season run flat tires. Now I know nothing about tires but I remember when I purchase my Audi with three season tires I was told don't use the car if the temp is below freezing 32 degrees, etc. but this X1 will be my each day car so can I use it in the winter / snow? I know the the answer is no but I wanted to confirm. Now I have been trying to work in new all season tire in my deal to purchase the car and the BMW dealer told my that there is not a all season tire that can be put on the oem wheels so they will not do it. Now it sound like if I take the car to a tire place, I think they can out a all season tire on the wheels and I would be a spare. Any thought for the new guy here? Last question, even thought the car is certified and under warranty to 100k miles, do 2013 X1 have any known problems? Thanks for your time, Frank

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