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bcolins 01-29-2019 11:13 AM

Are the E83 Halogen High beams the same H7 bulb as the low beams?
The High beams on my 2004 X3 also serve as the daytime running lights. Do these require some kind of a special dual filament bulb or does the standard single filament H7 bulb provide both functions.

Also wondering if an LED bulb like the Aux beam or Beam Tech I have read about would work as the High beam / running light.

yes_its_neil 01-30-2019 09:29 PM

I have these H7 leds as my low beams, they are great, but they are too 'tall' to fit in the high beam socket. They will foul the rear headlight access cover.

I have looked for other H7 with less depth, to use has high beams but haven't been successful yet. My vehicle is not coded to run DRL's. Make sure if you are replacing the halogens with LEDS, get a metal base. The plastic base leds are too thick and won't clip into the crap factory headlight sockets. The Stedi's I am using come standard with a plastic base, a metallic one is available and just bayonets on in place of the plastic. I coded the bulb test off with PA-Soft so the leds don't flicker. Also be mindful that cheap (junk) leds will not replicate a normal bulb in a reflective housing and will spray light in all (undesired) directions. My first trial set lit up road signs hundreds of metres up the highway! On-coming drivers would shield their eyes as they fumbled for the stalk to flash me in return.

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