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cleung 11-21-2012 06:22 PM

Heated Steering not very warm
Hey guys,

Has anyone had issues with their heated steering wheel not getting very warm or taking a very long time to warm up? My wife's X3's heated steering wheel turns on and stays on but doesn't really warm up. Compared with my e60 the e60 heats up very quick and I usually need to turn it off because its getting almost too warm. With the e83 it gets lukewarm at best, the other day I drove it on the highway for about 45 minutes before it got to what I would consider warm.
Initially I thought maybe its a battery voltage issue because I was having some signs of a dying battery so I bought a new agm battery last night, installed it but that didn't help. Now I'm wondering if maybe it could be the relay that's malfunctioned? I'm basically trying everything else besides the actual steering wheel because the steering wheel is super expensive. I thought maybe it could even be the slip ring but I talked to the head tech at my dealer and he says usually if their is a issue with the slip ring that it would throw a code. If anyone has some insight it would be greatly appreciated.

JCL 11-21-2012 08:28 PM

I have had heated wheels on the 2003 X5, 2008 535, and 2007 X3. The X3 heated wheel is as you describe, it has the least heating effect of any of the three. It has been that way from new.

I went in to the dealer soon after we purchased the car and tried three new X3s on the lot to see if any were different. They were all the same as ours. You can tell it is on, but only just.

cleung 11-21-2012 09:22 PM

thanks for the reply, guess I shouldn't bother with trying a new steering wheel? It kinda sucks that its so weak in the x3

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