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semcoinc 02-15-2020 10:38 AM

2011 F25 No Start Issue
Hi Folks,

I'm usually in the E53 Forum but today I'm posting about the issues yesterday (at -11F) with my SO's F25 (2011).

After an uneventful start in the 30F garage the SO drives to work down the highway at freeway speeds without issue. Stops for a coffee, shuts engine off. Comes back out with coffee and NO START, just cranking.

I get the call and start out with the Creator 310 in hand. Get there and I wanted to push it up into a parking space away from the active fuel pumps. She gets in and I try to help her get it into Neutral. The damn thing then starts up normally :wow: :wow:

Get her to work and I drive the F25 back home and all day without any recurring issue.

Here is a picture of the codes that were present


I have had no success in finding these specific codes (1F4B08 and 1F4A08) anywhere in my usually successful Google searching.

Does anyone have an idea or a link to these code descriptions?

Fuel Pump Relay????

A head scratcher........Please let me know if you have any details on these codes.



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