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Dynamark75 02-20-2022 02:05 PM

Halo Issue
Hello All, New to forum

My wife's 2016 X3 had a cracked Right hand (Passenger) headlight and a low beam malfunction, So I order a used bare replacement assembly (Xenon adaptive same as original) . I replaced the ballast and the bulb and swapped over the TMS board and the low beam works now, but now the inner halo is yellow. I figured the LED driver was bad on the used replacement, so took the LED driver unit out of the old headlight which both halos worked fine, and installed on the replacement headlight, and it was still yellow, scavenged the second LED DRL driver out of the old head light and swapped still yellow. I am assuming the only thing left it could be is the TMS module, even though it didn't present this problem earlier. Could it be something else? I cleaned off the electrical connections with Deoxit, including the TMS board and interface.

I am new to the coding process for BMW's I just ordered a ENET cable and a USB OBDII cable and downloaded ESYS, and in the process of trying to find a copy of Rheingold, but if this present to be to technically for me is there a service that Bimmertech or other company offers to do remotely?

Thanks again.

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