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Clockwork 05-19-2016 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by bcredliner (Post 1078363)
If it works I think you might want to consider something to cover it except when you really need the additional air, especially when it rains or snows. If the filter gets soaked a Prius will leave you in the dust.

funny you mention the "cover" idea.
So when I was slotting the plastic fender well I was bending it down cause I was thinking it would help deflect rain and debris from entering the CAI box (or atleast minimize as much as possible). Its raing HARD our there today (I'm glad as its helping me R&D this procedure now) and I just checked and YES a few dropplets only have entered into the CAI box area now...so its got me thinking, about how to put a mesh or some othr filtering medium over the slots to stop the little bit of rain water that DID invade today...then I started thinking about snow that could blow into the open slots... so I may end up reversing the slots and bending the plastic slots closed and gluing shut like it never happened and just living with the existing airflow inside the box.
It just seems to me that there is very little ways for air to flow into the CAI box and I wonder if that could cause starvation for the Air/Fuel ratio mix and therefore reduce power?
these are just ideas and I can fully reverse my cutting/heating to bend plastic back thank god.
I may modify the intake pipe that attaches to the big air cowl and cut it at an angle so that when it touches the CAI box, there happens to be a small round hole in the side (not sure what its for honestly since I have a face-lifted e53) and this hole COULD allow some air in the box. No way is it adding a lot of air, but some extra outside air is better than none.
I MAY drop in a temp probe and see how the air temp fluctuates while driving/stationary/hot days/cold days...
BUT maybe Dinan got it correct.

EDIT: SO I did end up gluing on some mesh from a screen door. 2 layers that cross at 45 angles to increase filtering of particles that can come up through mesh layers.
Works great.

bcredliner 05-19-2016 05:22 PM

If you mean the small hole below the intake tube going to the engine it is for the line to the secondary air pump. Do you have the Dinan intake tube, MAF, throttle body and engine software?

Clockwork 05-19-2016 05:57 PM


Originally Posted by bcredliner (Post 1078397)
If you mean the small hole below the intake tube going to the engine it is for the line to the secondary air pump. Do you have the Dinan intake tube, MAF, throttle body and engine software?

Nope, just the CAI box and a Volant brand air filter installed (dry filter).
Do ypu have a pic of the small air line and where it goes? I am not sure where the secondary air pump is on the N62.

looked into the software but it would overwrite my existing custom software and those pesky Dinan e53 parts are hard to come by too.
I have debated even selling the Dinan CAI and re-installing the factory airbox. I feel like having the Dinan CAI without anything else is almost a waste...except for the soun I get. the Dinan air filter made the x5 sound like a BEAST. This Volant air filter makes it sound louder than factory air box, yet quieter than a cone style filter.

bcredliner 05-19-2016 06:18 PM

The reason I asked is that the gains in TQ/HP that Dinan posted for the CAI was 12TQ and 13HP but that was only when the engine software and Dinan throttle body is also nstalled. The software Dinan offered was optimized for the other components. Your software could be better though increased volume of the Dinan CAI is somewhat compromised by the smaller throttle body. I don't have a clue how much. What exhaust do you have? How much improvement in TQ/HP would you like to achieve?

Clockwork 05-19-2016 06:53 PM


Originally Posted by bcredliner (Post 1078409)
What exhaust do you have? How much improvement in TQ/HP would you like to achieve?

I installed the factory 4.8iS exhaust after resonators.

I'd LIKE to achieve 1,000 WHP :p
BUT I did NOT do this CAI install to expect ANY gains what so ever.
I only did it for sound change to be honest. And I got that, so expectation met :)
If I could track down Dinan parts (throttle body and MAF) I'd buy them... but not a rush to pay a fortune for them.

I had a local seller offer me the full Dinan exhaust for $300 but I had my 4.8iS on and I like its grunt... in hind sight I should have bought it to get the quad tips back...

g300d 05-19-2016 08:29 PM

The enclosure will never cause a lean situation...it's a heat shield, and not air tight.

Another way you could maybe get more fresh air there without permanently modifying the box would be to remove the top cover, putting some weather strip on the sides and rear so that the hood seals the top of the box (ala AFE), and removing the hood weather strip above the passenger side headlight.

This looks to allow some air in between the gap of the hood and headlight, straight into your filter box.

But the stock air feed is still better IMO.

Clockwork 05-19-2016 09:20 PM

G3ood I like what you're saying BUT I worry the lack of weather stripping will allow too much "bypass" and potentially the bonnet would sit a bit funny (unless I just cut out a small section above headlamp...)
Hmmmmm. Things to ponder/attempt.

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Clockwork 05-19-2016 09:21 PM

Bypass as in salt/rocks/water/snow/dust.

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g300d 05-19-2016 11:41 PM

I dont think there will be too much bypass because incoming air will have to go up and over the radiator support before getting to the filter area IIRC.

Also, the hood will still sit pretty much the same way because the alignment is controlled by the hood stops by the fenders, not the weather strips.

Just some alternatives to explore. :)

bcredliner 05-20-2016 10:35 AM

While the Dinan CAI does reduce the temp to the engine it also increases the volume and velocity. Removing the cover likely reduce one or both. In either case the MAF adjusts The air/fuel mixture to the increased volume of air getting to the engine, preventing a lean condition.

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