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hellspcangel911 11-17-2018 07:57 PM

Battery Drain and Coding and Foxwell NT520
Hi All,
I have a battery drain, I have been chasing it for a few years, getting rid of it a while then it would come back - or something else would cause it.

I have a new alternator, battery, radio removed, new FSR and covered all the basics. Sometimes the '02 3.0 will go to sleep within 20 mins and sometimes it wont. I suspect a failing passenger front door latch.

I have two questions
1. If I open up BMW SCANNER and I remove the options such as the Alarm, tilt sensor... will that tell the GM5 not to energize those components, or if they are still connected but not coded for will it treat them as parasitic battery drains and therefore not go to sleep?

2. Is the FOXWELL handheld NT 510 or 520 scanner any help in tracking down the culprit or testing the door latches?

Many thanks,

Scott ZHP 11-17-2018 08:16 PM

I'd use a ammeter to figure out which circuit is causing the drain. Insert it in series and measure the current draw. With the X5 "asleep", remove the fuse for the suspect circuit and carefully insert your test leads. When you find one thats more than a few mA, reinsert the fuse and then test the devices downstream the same way.

hellspcangel911 11-17-2018 08:34 PM

Iíve been doing that. I Want to remov the alarm as well, I usually lock the car with two taps so itís locked without the alarm but Iím case I donít remember Iíd rather have it removed. Thatís why I was hoping that coding to remove the components like the tilt sensor and motion sensor would work.

laladffds 07-31-2019 11:31 PM

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tuita 10-23-2019 04:51 AM

one year ago my foxwell nt510 is Stolen,and I got new one which called vident ilink400 with bmw and gm software,cost me 139usd,no bad lol

Today Vident iLink400 for*FORD, GM are supported until 2019, I think Vident*is the*first*manufacturer to upgrade that car model to 2019

cool Original VIDENT iLink400 Full System OBDII/EOBD Scan Tool

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