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EODguy 02-25-2019 01:36 AM

Timing chain to gear drive
I have been looking and can't find a post (old that I ran across before) and not on here or bimmer forums, etc. where there was talk about a gear drive set instead of chains. It was old and I was under the impression that at the time theoretical but was hopeful someone had it still or whatever happened to the attempt and maybe machine drawings (please)

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Crowz 02-25-2019 08:38 AM

Only thing I have seen converted like that was older American v8's.

This worked because the distance was so short between the crank gear and the cam gear that an idler could be inserted in place of the chain. The bmw motors have a loooong distance to travel from the crank to the cams. I cant picture a gear drive setup. It would look like a crazy clockwork deal to do it I would think.

I may not have the right idea of what your talking about though.

EODguy 02-25-2019 09:40 AM

Going from memory...

The way it was described had ladder style of gears bolted between upper/lower.(don't know number of gears)

I'm guessing similar to old gear drives but maybe it also ran a shorter chain:dunno:

Just hoping someone else saw the post online and then I can see how far they got if at all and then get it milled out on base for cheap.

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andrewwynn 02-25-2019 04:15 PM

No chance simpler / cheaper than chain. After replacing a couple timing chain guides I'm pretty amazed they are plastic and last 6000-8000 hours!

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wpoll 02-25-2019 07:35 PM

Both Honda and Ducati have used gear-driven cam setups... fun! :D



EODguy 02-25-2019 10:54 PM

After those pics it reminds me to visit the watch guy.[emoji38]

Oh well... but man I wish I could find that old post. If blueprints are found this would be something I'd have done since the machining would really only run me labor costs.

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andrewwynn 02-25-2019 10:55 PM

Those are awesome

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