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CapeX5 02-25-2019 03:05 PM

New to me 04 N62 4.4, now what??
Hello all,
Haven't been here in a while since my 01 has been basically ok(knock on 100 pieces of wood). But, just bought a 04 E53 with 4.4 N62. The guy said he was on highway, all of a sudden started making a "rattling noise", he pulled over, shut it off and had it towed to mechanic. They determined he needed a new engine due to chain guide issue. I have been reading here that the N62 does not have that issue like the M62. The car has 170K miles, no idea of maintenance, no records. I paid $500 for it. Interior, exterior all good for a 15 yr old car. Any thoughts on how I should go about determining what the issue is with the motor? FYI, I do all my own work, swapped the M62TU motor, working on my 03 Msport timing chain replacement. So I am very familiar with the mechanics of these, but never on a N62. Charging battery now. Thinking I should check all fluids, maybe turn it by hand initially and than try to start it if all is good. Maybe scan it first to see what comes from that. Any help or advice would be appreciated .

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