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Jay Cartay 07-03-2019 02:41 PM

Potential new owner, a few questions...
Hi all, I've got my eye on a particular pre facelift 4.4i E53. From my research so far, the things that I need to worry about when checking it over are the usual engine/headgasket checks, make sure the gearbox is working OK and the rear air suspension?

I'd like to find out where the temp needle should sit when the car is fully up to running temp? Also, Is there toe adjustment on the rear as the new MOT on the car says: Rear wheels at a slight angle but no movement in any suspension components.

Can the rear toe be adjusted on these or is this a sign of some kind of accident damage? Other than that it all seems quite decent for the a relatively small amount of money. I can do most things myself and expect the usual BMW stuff like new thermostats being needed, a service, that sort of thing.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

amancuso 07-03-2019 02:46 PM

Don't forget timing chain guides! Google M62 timing chain guides.

Jay Cartay 07-03-2019 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by amancuso (Post 1165264)
Don't forget timing chain guides! Google M62 timing chain guides.

Will do, thank you!

andrewwynn 07-03-2019 03:33 PM

The temp needle is fake it points striaght up from about 65 to 110C it's nearly pointless.

Timing chain guide yr he most important factor I think the other stuff is minimal.

The chain guides fail if people wait too long to change the tensioner.

Telltale sign is Rattle at start up.

The toe can be adjusted back and front DIY. Normal testing for loose joints doesn't work you have to release the spring pressure but nothing is too difficult to DIY on the suspension.

I just replaced the front rearward control arms on wife's X5 and it was nearly impossible to break the tie rod free to adjust the allignment. I was able with pipe wrenches and stupid amounts of force and need to do it once more so I can get her steering wheel to point forward again. I will take pic or video

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Jay Cartay 07-03-2019 04:03 PM

That's awesome, cheers. I'm no stranger to doing suspension arms etc. Almost always a ball ache. I imagine the chain tensioner is a case of compress it, hold it with a pin or something, fit it and withdraw the holding pin? Or is it a bit different on these?

andrewwynn 07-03-2019 05:47 PM

Chain tensioner is a five minute job once the air box is out of the way. It's 30 hr job and $1000 parts to do the chain guides

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bcredliner 07-03-2019 07:05 PM

Regardless of expertise it is always a good idea to take it to a well recommended independent shop the specializes in BMWs for a pre purchase inspection. 2nd opinion is well worth it.

EODguy 07-03-2019 10:28 PM

Plug into the OBD2 with a good reader and check for codes, as some are things only noticable as a code till it goes tits up. Foxwell NT-510 or NT-520 is a great value when you have a BMW and well worth it as insurance when buying a BMW to keep the suprises to a minimum.

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Jay Cartay 07-04-2019 01:52 AM

I've got an ELM327 reader and I also have an old laptop with INPA on it and a BMCABLES setup somewhere at home. I just don't know what the seller will say when I ask to scan it :D

LVR 07-04-2019 02:29 AM


Originally Posted by Jay Cartay (Post 1165295)
I just don't know what the seller will say when I ask to scan it :D

I was looking at a second 4.8is as a project car/new daily driver and the owner said there were no codes. I asked if he was ok with me looking and he had no issue with it because he was convinced there weren't going to be any.

Glad I did as there were (from memory) 13 separate codes which all meant additional issues and work required affected the price.

(In the end we were about $1,000 apart on a lower price and agreed to meet in the middle when another buyer came in and paid full price....)

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