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blaubenz 08-26-2019 09:08 PM

Do you need a special seal battery for a e53????
Do you need a special seal battery for a e53. Because the battery is inside the cabin? (in the back but connected to the passenger area). Or all car batteries rated to be usable inside the cabin.

I read somewhere that you should never charge a battery in an enclose space because a changing battery emits hydrogen and they are worry about explosion.

Do I need to worry about this in the x5 for both explosion and health reason. Or as long as it fits and the right amperage it is a go. It is a H8 size battery.

Also what is the official part number and specification for the battery. The one the come with the car said BMW on it but it look like any other regular lead cell battery to me (with the six screw on caps on top).

crystalworks 08-26-2019 09:20 PM

Any battery of the correct grouping will be fine. I've purchased my last few at Sam's and have been just fine.

They will come with venting accessories to vent the battery OUTSIDE the cabin. You will see the vent hooked up to your current battery upon removal. It's a small tube (like small vacuum tube, but grey if OE) that connects to the battery. There will be 2 vent holes on the battery, plug the other side with a plug that should come with the battery.

Edit: This is what I have had in the E53 X5 for the last 3 years. So far so good...



andrewwynn 08-26-2019 09:53 PM

As he said. Group will include the vent. Make sure it's connected

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