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Conajw 03-25-2020 07:03 PM

2004 x5 rear left door will not open
My dear door on the drivers side is closed and will not open! Tried removing door panel and trying to open it using the lock mechanism inside door! Really need to know what to do to get the door open? The door worked fine yesterday but today it refuses to open?

RocketyMan 03-25-2020 10:38 PM

I'm sure you tired locking and unlocking the door? ALso, I'm sure you tried doing this from the inside as well?

Is the window lock on in the drivers master window switch? Sometimes when you cycle that, you can hear an actuator cycle in the rear passenger doors.

Worst case scenario, you can always manually apply power to the solenoid for the door module.

I will try and find on newtis for you.

RocketyMan 03-25-2020 10:47 PM



Originally Posted by newtis.info
Locking with arming: The vehicle doors cannot be opened neither from the inside nor the outside.

”Locking with arming” is implemented when:

- Ignition lock is in position 0 and the vehicle key is removed
- The driver's or front passenger's door is opened after removing the key
- The driver's and front passenger's doors are closed
- The vehicle is locked via the door lock or remote control
The fuel filler flap is locked with the vehicle central arrest.

FYI, the literature on newtis.info is written wrong. But you get the idea what's it's saying.

Here is some literature on the matter that might be related to you. I've experienced this issue when trying to get inside and outside of vehicles in the wrecking yard. What I had to do was manually apply 12 volts to these two wires (I can't remember which one) that actuated and released the locking mechanism. Then I was able to use the inside handle.

Sometimes these things do get "stuck." I'm sure other members on the forum have more experience on this than I have.

RocketyMan 03-25-2020 11:22 PM


Your concern I believe is with M15, aka "motor" (component)15. X644, aka "connector" (component)644, is what electrically connects to this locking device.

Hopefully you know how to read and interpret wiring diagrams and schematics.

You should have something very similar to this:

^^^look for "M15" and observe how it's electrically connected.

And THEN...you can interpret from the pinouts what they might be from this:

Pin assignments at plug connector X254
Pin Type Description /Signal type Connection /Measuring notes
1 M Terminal 31 Power ground Ground point
2 A Open window signal Power window motor, rear left right-hand drive Power window motor, rear right
3 A Signal, switch off consumer load Connector, switch off consumer load
4 E Terminal 30 Fuse F60
5 A Open window signal Power window motor, rear right right-hand drive Power window motor, rear left
6 A Central arrest signal ZV motor drives, rear doors
7 A Unlock signal Motor, bottom tailgate
8 Not used
9 A Servotronic activation Electrohydraulic converter of servotronic
10 E Terminal 30 Fuse F27
11 A Measuring resistor, Servotronic Electrohydraulic converter of servotronic
12 A Close window signal Power window motor, rear left right-hand drive Power window motor, rear right
13 A Lock ZV ZV motor drives, rear doors
14 A Unlock signal ZV motor drives, rear doors/tank flap
15 A Close window signal Power window motor, rear right right-hand drive Power window motor, rear left
16 A Activation, luggage compartment light Luggage compartment lights
17 A Activation, courtesy lighting Front zone lighting
18 A Pump signal Washer pump
19 A Signal, switch off consumer load Connector, switch off consumer load
20 A Interior lights signal Entry light module

We're interested in the "central lock" related wiring. Or maybe the word "unlock" to help drive that actuator.
Look here if you get confused:

Hopefully someone else from this forum can chime in with more specific detail. ......hopefully. :stickpoke :dunno:

Conajw 03-26-2020 09:04 AM

Rear left door will not open
Thank you for your reply! I found a posting with photos that showed me what to do and it worked! Evidently the lock mechism needed to be pushed down first from the inside where the outside handles connects! Also needed lubricant as it was sticking!

RocketyMan 03-26-2020 10:28 AM

Okay glad you fixed it. What post were you looking at?

andrewwynn 03-26-2020 11:03 AM

I have a strong suspicion the lock isn't actually fixed yet.

The symptoms you mention describe perfectly a case of the double lock motor malfunctioning.

None of the external levers will release the secondary lock so it's more likely that enough attempts finally got it to release.



In the photo album above there is a video where I show how the double lock works (pic above is the snapshot for the video about half way through the album).

The control arm for the double lock is just barely accessible from the bottom of the door actuator and could be manipulated with the likes of a dental pick (bent large paper clip would also work). (Straighten It first then add a small hook at the end).

Watch the video carefully and see how I manipulate the double lock mechanism and anybody who has the double lock stuck problem can figure out where to poke and prod to get it open.

You can force the motor to run by locking the doors with the key fob while inside the car and then holding the central lock button. I think that may engage the unlock double lock motor for a longer time period than the standard unlock because it has gotten several people out of the stick door syndrome on xoutpost.

Conajw 03-26-2020 11:19 AM

The method I used was posted by Overboost on 03/03/20 it is presently located in Page 3 of E53 Forum! Thank you all for your help! I have another problem and will post it after I check the forum for previous posts!

andrewwynn 03-26-2020 12:15 PM

That can be the motto for x5 “I have another problem”.

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