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andrewwynn 07-11-2021 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by X5chemist (Post 1206556)
Cool. Now, how to find out if mine has auto dim mirrors. :mad:

Does the clown nose twist and change from night to day mode?

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PascalforWSOP 07-11-2021 02:00 PM

Try to pull that fuse will it go to sleep with it out?

X5chemist 07-11-2021 02:29 PM

Number 20 right? I'll pull it when I get home. I can force it to sleep with my Foxwell.

Update: Both fuse 20 and 24 were both pulled. The command for sleep was activated. After 2 seconds it woke up. The door window modules (switches) can be eliminated off the sleep list. Also eliminated are fuse 74, FSR, electronic key switch, and radio fuse. The wifey yelled at me when she had to boost it today. :p: I'll take another look on Thur. I'm waiting on a new door latch mechanism. The driver side door broke on Friday. :confused:

PascalforWSOP 07-11-2021 08:21 PM

Better yet, you can also just disconnect the driver door control module pretty easily to really pinpoint it If that’s the issue. I MIGHT have have bought an extra one from my trip to the junkyard if you can’t find one for a good price. I got them for like $10 each. Or as andrew said cut off part of that board.

X5chemist 07-11-2021 08:33 PM

Thanks PascalforWSOP,
On Thur, I'll disconnect the switches and try again. With the Foxwell, I'll go through eliminated components again.

andrewwynn 07-11-2021 08:36 PM

When driver door switch assembly is disconnected a handful of things won't work. I have a feeling the same error will persist. It's simple to try though. Basically the car can't know if the door is shut it may interfere with sleep

X5chemist 07-12-2021 07:15 AM

Today, the whole switch is unplugged right now. I arrived at work early. A pry tool was in the back seat so I unplugged the entire switch. I'll go back out later and see if it's asleep. If not, I'll unplug the passenger side switch.

wpoll 07-12-2021 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by andrewwynn (Post 1206557)
Does the clown nose twist and change from night to day mode?

The owners manual kinda infers that turning this "knob" simply tilts the mirror, rather than activating any dim feature.

I haven't checked this though, since mine has auto-dim - never need to touch the mirror or the knob. :dunno:

andrewwynn 07-13-2021 01:33 AM

It dims the mirror by tilting to the glass vs. silver. The key is: with auto dim there is no day/night mode so the clown nose does not twist.

I'm not aware of a way to manually override the auto dim.

X5chemist 07-13-2021 07:20 AM

Okay, do I understand correctly. I need to grab the clown nose and twist. If it moves, it's auto dimming?

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