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Baby Unicorn Taco 03-08-2019 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by talljames (Post 1156928)
Hi semcoinc, my x5 e53 2005 4.4i heating is not working. I recently had my air con done and now I just have cool air even when I put the wheel on 3 red dots. I was thinking it might be the heater control valve and then I saw your post. So, hitting it on top actually worked? I am wondering if I might do this too.


Tapping it on top can sometimes unstick the valve. If it was stuck it won't last long though. If you put the heat on and it is blowing cold, then tap on the top of the HCV and the air suddenly blows hot, it is a good sign that it is the HCV that is bad. The tapping is just a temporary fix and will narrow down the issue.

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