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imsello 04-04-2011 05:49 PM

Check this fellas
remember when i complained that my axles were broken and i was way overcharged to replace them. sorry cant find the thread. i think it was 1500. Well im getting my transmission rebuilt and to my suprise the mechanic calls to tell me I need new front axles. they were new ones but the boots were ripped and sending oil everywhere. so when i call the shop who did the work he immediatley accuses the shop doing the tranny of ripping them so they can get more money. little do they know i have pics with grease and dirt everywhere. not going to happen if they just ripped them. meanwhile i hear the owners son crying in the background that its messed up that i brought my car somewhere else to do the tranny when he worked so hard on finding a new one for me...the axles are warrantied but i really dont think it would be a good idea to bring my truck back to theses crooks, i wouldnt doubt they would screw up my transmissoin or something else cuz they dont seem to be very proffesional. the new shop said they would do the axels for 600 bucks almost athird less.. so i guess im hoping they just give me replacements for the old axels and ill just have a spare set i can sell or have for the future.. funny thing is when he accused the other place of ripping me off he didnt know its my uncle doing the tranny rebuild..(should have went there first but really didnt want to drive 4 hours away.)

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