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PUREVIL 06-17-2012 03:10 PM

quick poll on brake pads
Hey all -
Just looking for a quick answer from anyone with NON-OEM pads.
I'm looking to buy a set of pads and rotors to have on hand (not needed yet) and want to make sure I get pads that produce far less dust than the stock set I currently run.

If you would please let me know what you are running (brand, metallic/ceramic) and what you think of them I'd really appreciate it.

Again, I'm really only curious about dust right now. Performance and longevity are a whole different topic in my mind.


Turbo_Bimmer 06-17-2012 04:35 PM

Hawk HPS is a good pad, not too much dust, and the dust is silver so not too noticable.

JCL 06-17-2012 06:27 PM

I used Axxis Deluxe pads on my E53, with great results. Almost no dust, same pedal feel and bite, and very little additional noise (but some, they weren't as quiet as OE when stone cold). One good stop was enough to silence them, and they never squealed, they just had some pad noise when cold. I have put the same pads on many different BMW vehicles, and they were even better on my 535i, which I ran for four years. I would hunt them down and find out where to get them, as they aren't as easy to find as they used to be.

The other choice is to call the supplier I used, Dave at Zeckhausen Racing. I trust him and would ask him what he recommends in place of the Axxis Deluxe that he no longer carries (or at least, he no longer advertises). You could find the Axxis Deluxe elsewhere (they were called PBR or PBR-Repco Deluxe when they weren't branded Axxis, which was just a US trade name). If you talk to Dave, I believe he will recommend Centric Posi-Quiet. I haven't used them myself, but I do tend to trust that supplier. Your call.

Read about them here:

BMW X5 Products - StopTech big brake kits, pads, tires

You could also check with other board sponsors, including ECS Tuning. They will all have recommendations.

I checked the ECS website out of idle curiousity, and see that in addition to OE pads, Akebono, and Hawk, they are carrying PBR. That is the pad that was branded as Axxis in the US only. I used PBR for twenty years before some distributor started using the Axxis name, and highly recommend them. Same pad. I would use the Deluxe, not the ULT, when choosing Axxis/PBR.

SlickGT1 06-17-2012 09:48 PM

I've used axxis ultimates on my other cars before. The brakes grab like a beast, the problem was that the tires were the weaker link. That being said, the ultimates ate through my rotors and themselves extremely quick, I mean like 6k miles quick. I too will give the deluxe a shot. This is not a track car, so the ULT is not necessary.

cfmistry 06-17-2012 10:14 PM

I too have the Axxis Deluxe pads but have not been as happy with them as JCL. I was coming from the OE setup and I certainly do not feel the same initial bite. I also think the stopping distance has increased. Also there is a squeal present unless the brakes get really hot, and I've had it checked out twice by different dealerships which both said it could not be remedied. However the brake dust is down to about 10% of what it used to be, probably not even that. Since I've had them I have never seen the wheels as dirty as they'd be in 1 week with the OEM setup. Worth the trade-off? For me, no, but I drive a bit aggressively. I think next time I'll try the Hawk pads.


PUREVIL 06-17-2012 11:59 PM

I did a little checking on the pads mentioned so far (thanks for the quick responses).
I came across a kit including the centric posi-quiet pads on ebay:
BMW X5 4.8is 2005 2006 BRAKE ROTOR + CERAMIC PAD F/R | eBay

Seems like a decent deal but I'm still looking. Not a fan of the "drilled & slotted" hype.

Anyone else please feel free to chime in on this one.

PersonaNonGrata 06-18-2012 12:32 AM

I was using Axxis Deluxe as well and liked them, especially the significantly reduced dust.

My independent BMW mechanic likes Akebono Euros but I have not tried those.

SlickGT1 06-18-2012 12:36 AM

Drilled rotors = shit. Just FYI. Less brake surface area, going to grate those pads = wear quick, cut channels in rotor, can't resurface. Overall crap for the noob ricer.

I was a noob once. Learn from my mistake.

romeokc10 06-18-2012 12:51 AM

Centric Posi-Quiet ceramic pads, installed them on my 4.6is with OEM pads, dust difference is night and day!!

cfmistry 06-18-2012 12:59 AM

Also just FYI I would NOT cheap out on the discs. I've done it on other cars and the results are ALWAYS warping and premature wear. There are a few good brands out there to choose from, and OE BMW is a great option in itself (you'll find that for discs they're not much more than any other reputable brand). Last year I ordered F+R OE BMW discs, sensors, and the Axxis pads for around $500 from ECS.

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