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TriX5 04-02-2019 05:44 AM

e70 35d shipped to europe, euro mods,DPF
Renamed the thread now that the mods are done and/or underway and car arrived.

Need a little help from the community on coding for euro use.

I will ship my e70 by around the beginning of May but I have realized that I need to get the yellow corner markers off so they only function as indicators.

Those that have installed a Euro light switch for the rear fog light to work, does that require coding or just plug and play?

I have software and cable but I only use it to read fault codes so I can do battle with service advisors, i dont want to mess up the coding...

Anyone aware of a good coder in Maryland/Virginia area?? I'm willing to pay for the service. Thx in advance!!

sunny_j 04-02-2019 12:25 PM

Which software do you have? I disabled the yellow corner light on my x5d with ncsecxpert

TriX5 04-02-2019 04:02 PM

I have the Romanian package which includes NCSExpert. Is there a useful guide somewhere how to use it? Until now I have only really wanted to read fault codes but I am forced to do this now, otherwise I won't be able to register it in Europe.....

sunny_j 04-02-2019 04:42 PM

I learned coding with this video. if you have any questions, let me know.

josiahg52 04-02-2019 04:49 PM

I installed the European headlamp switch and no programming was required for the rear fog lights to function. Just a few feet of wire and pin contacts for the switch and FRM connectors. 8/2011 35d

TriX5 04-02-2019 08:24 PM

Great! Thx.

I have been reading this afternoon and my NCSExpert has several profiles already installed. So, I guess I just need to work up some courage to get going on it.... :)

sunny_j 04-02-2019 08:27 PM

if you can't find Revtor's profile, I can send it to you in a few hours.

TriX5 04-02-2019 09:27 PM


Thanks all for encouraging me to do this myself. There are a couple of videos on YouTube that really make this plausible. I started by reading the FRMbut held off on writing to the FRM until I had double checked everything twice. As suggested by one person on bimmers, I created backups of the trace files and kept them in a separate folder.

Once I was sure I understood the sequence, I decided to also switch off the FL/NSW block and the LH/NSW block. Loaded it to the car and BINGO. I noticed that the car no longer turns on lights upon unlocking tho. Not sure why that is off as I don't think I changed anything to do with that.

After dinner decided to go for broke and do the HKL to enable closing the rear hatch with key fob and dash button. (Now will feel drivenn to do same on my Cayenne!)

Tomorrow I will hook up one more time and delete some of the LDs.

BMTouring 04-12-2019 02:37 PM

You're doing it right: don't change stuff at random to see what happens. Stick to what you learned and do it step by step (so, readout, change, code, check) so you see what change does what.

whereto in Europe? enough coders here too.

TriX5 04-15-2019 02:22 PM

Temporarily on 87s
1 Attachment(s)
BMT - I was born in NL's NE and now taking up residence in Portugal. I think I have the coding under control now...:-)
I coded the rear hatch and it closes nicely with the button on the dash and with the remote. Very happy with that, still need to get back to it and delete the disclaimers.
Last weekend did a few small things in the front suspension, the horrible rattling was cured with new rubber dishes under the nut of the damper shaft. New stabilizer end links also helped. New brakes all around. Next is the rear suspension. First need to remember how to release the pressure in the airbags so I can have a better sense of what needs work in there.
The snow tires on my 20s were getting horribly noisy and I put a set of 87s on the E70. (I picked up the 87s for my e53 but it is still undergoing surgery) Here is a pic from this morning.

josiahg52 04-15-2019 02:42 PM

Those Style 87 are 20"? What is the hub bore diameter?

BMTouring 04-15-2019 02:48 PM

Well done with the coding, take it step by step and one issue/wish after another. Going fast confuses as you can't keep track of what resulted in a different behaviour and what did not. Some things are noticed only much later due to restarts or inter-module-cooperation. And some things never show so seem ineffective (change them back before you change another).

My tip and plan with the E70 is to hook it up to the battery charger (a bigger one than I have now) and read all modules, save them and start playing with them.

Using a strange tool or so (at first) that help with the possible values (especially handy when there is more than aktiv or nicht_aktiv) and strange abbreviations. Or even combinations of locations that you need to address to get the result you are looking for. BMDummy comes to mind, i have another one that is also not 100% complete but often all bits help.

The air suspension i can share the experience from my E39: pull the fuse, lift the car's behind (both wheels) and then you have an underpressure in the bellows. Now you can unplug the air hoses very carefully (if the E70 has the same as the E39 then study this beforehand) not to break the clip. And then you should be ok to start to do the mechanics. Small tip from the E39: after wrestling the new bellow in carefully, you might want them to stretch so you can tighten the bolts on both ends: shoot a puff of air into the bellow and there you are.

After that: lower the car to approximately the correct ride height, and then put the fuse back in. This to have the pump run as shortly as required. Not too little (when the car is still high up) and not too much hard work (when the car is all the way down).

remove the jacks, take it for a ride and see if all is ok. Park it somewhere level and see if the car is not too much off to one side (it's never perfectly horizontal as default position compensates for driver/tank filling and more that I don't believe but I like to believe that it is that advanced ;)

Don't know about correcting the ride height values in INPA/app of choice but this is a good moment to get into that as well.

My car has the sports suspension and huge (wide) tyres, not so happy with that after all. Perhaps a wheel change helps but I'm more inclined to let this one go and get one with active suspension (which I stayed away from at first for fear of costly problems) to get a more smoot ride in our traffic-bump ridden country.

TriX5 04-15-2019 05:32 PM

2 Attachment(s)
josiahg52: Hub bore is 72.6 and I have 20mm plates that have the smaller hub on the outside. This results in a bit too much width in the back but it is only for a week or two until I can sort out the 212s that will go with the car.
BMT: I just coded out the LD and exercised the air suspension in INPA. I have put up a few pictures of the screens.
Once you get to the second screen hit "Activate" and the next screen has the controls to lift and drop either both sides simultaneous or one side at a time. Pretty straight forward.

BMTouring 04-16-2019 01:54 AM

Good work (what was LD?) on the coding.

In an earlier post you asked about a feature (lights on/off at opening/closing) that dissapeared.

This may happen as well when you use key memory through the button that lists the items you can link to each key.

This seems to override or change back the other values that you may have coded directly.

So for example I directly coded (read variables/TRC-MAN/write procedure) the AC to not remember its state and not react to the AUTO button. And after that I use the button (can't find the name right now, comfort features or key memory or sth like that) to change the radio station memory. Then it sometimes overwrites the AC feature. Unless you read out first, check alle the checkboxes and then you're OK on those features. I seem to remember that it may affect other features (non-key memory) items too but I haven't been working systematically and often enough with it. I simply don't use the indirect way any more.

I pull the TRC file, go through all items, change what I want and write it all back. Before experimenting I save a copy of that TRC file (and give it the name of the module because after a while I forget which ones I was tinkering with) so I can put it all back to the day it still worked ;)

At the moment I'm puzzling with the daytime running lights. I want the xenons to be always on at A position (active headlights/sensor) instead of automatically on/off by sensor data. This is one command in the E46 but seems to need a couple more in the E70 (2007). Why? because the headlights are not active when I turn them on myself, only when they are on in the A position of the switch. And I love the flood of light to where I look.

TriX5 04-16-2019 09:15 AM

LD=Legal DIsclaimer.
The lights on lock/unlock seems to be a function of whether or not I leave the lightswitch on low beams when I turn the car off. So, if the lightswitch is off position, then no lights on unlock. If lights are on low beam then they come on upon unlock. I don't use Auto setting so no idea what happens on that setting. I will keep monitoring this as one may get more attentive to these features once you change the settings and misinterpret what actually happens.

For example, after I changed the rear hatch, my son one day said that the button on the hatch did not work but I have not had that happen. I know the button does not work if the lower hatch is not properly closed. So, like I said, paying more attention may up the awareness of behavior.

BMTouring 04-16-2019 03:11 PM

realized it when I sent it :)

The position of the lights knob and its effect on the lock/unlock lights is new to me. Will test tomorrow.
In I-drive I can change that setting for locking confirmation. But as always no that it's brought up: no idea if that is only for locking, only unlocking or both.
What you mention sounds like 'welcome lights', different from lock/unlock blink

The A position means it reacts to the light sensor: certain level of darkness and the xenon turn on. Same with lightness. And some hysteresis (and sensitivity) to stop it from jumping on and off in small tunnels/clouds.

AFAIK only in A the active headlights are active (turn into the bend) and in ON they are steady like in the old days.

TriX5 04-17-2019 09:35 AM

What the UPS man bringeth
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When I went to balance my 212s with summer tires for Portugal, one of them was not as straight as I would like and I have decided not to use it. So I came across a posting for some X6 rears which are bit nicer looking than the X5 version, they are concave and IS18. (I believe these have a hub bore of 72.6mm as compared to E70 which is 74.1.) They showed up in less then 48hrs and here is a picture.

So, of the four original 212s, 2 are perfect and will be fronts. One is decommissioned and the last one will be the spare. (I plan not to use RFTs). I will post another pic once I get tires and mount them on the car.

TriX5 04-22-2019 06:14 PM

Few more pics with 87s
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The Euro light switch came and I need to order the pins to wire it up.

I also need to start wrenching on the rear control arms.

Thought I'd post a few more pics of the 87s. I trashed the winter tires which were on the Rials, they turned unbearably loud this winter.

Still didn't order the 19s for the 212s. Soon..... (First I need to draft a couple of contracts and a powerpoint. Still need to fly 10 hours south and then back to help wife structure a deal and I need to keep the household running....retirement is a busy place :-)
Oh yeah, then there is the rebuild of the e53 M62 engine....

TriX5 05-19-2019 08:16 PM

She is ready to roll (ship)
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At last she is ready. The rear suspension work completed. Still have to align it but I am not to too worried as it can be done on arrival as well.

The rear fog lights work! Thanks to the kind gent who wrote a complete DIY on how to wire the light switch and the FRM. The hardest part was removing the trim that covers the FRM.

Did a quick clean up on the outside. Just plane old Turtle wax and a polishing machine made short work. The paint is in good shape as it was parked indoors for most of the tenure with us. In Portugal it will be parked indoors but the spray from the surf gets in to the parking garage and the (long term parked) cars in there look quite crusty. Considering getting an indoor cover from Walmart to keep it somewhat protected when I am not there.

ard 05-19-2019 11:30 PM

Problem w covers is that ANY dirt, grit that gets under the cover will be scrubbed into the paint if there is any wind/breeze

Enjoy. Sounds like an adventure...

TriX5 05-20-2019 10:13 AM

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The garage in Portugal is enclosed but some dust and salt spray seems to get in. However, there is not a crosswind and I don't foresee a cover being able to move. In any case I would always wash it before it goes under the cover. The cover is only meant for longer absences when the car might sit for several weeks.

This morning visited a shop (euro specialist, mostly BMWs in their shop) that responded positively when I explained that I am looking for specific alignment settings. Let's see how they go tomorrow.

Below a picture, now with the 212s strapped on.

TriX5 07-10-2019 03:54 AM

Update: Car arrived in Rotterdam 7/3 but I was in Italy at the time and only got back last Sunday. So, picking it up on 7/15 and install euro hitch the next day. Hopefully install my Euro maps on the Nav at same time. On 7/17 and 7/18, it will be in a diesel specialist shop and the DPF will be removed and cleaned/reinstalled.

On Friday 19, I should be making the trip across Belgium, France and Spain to Portugal. Around 2400km, about 1600 miles.....my son is arriving tomorrow to help with the trip. Since I have to arrive back in Portugal on the 20th this will be a marathon :)

ard 07-10-2019 11:15 PM


Originally Posted by TriX5 (Post 1165590)
Update: Car arrived in Rotterdam 7/3 but I was in Italy at the time and only got back last Sunday. So, picking it up on 7/15 and install euro hitch the next day. Hopefully install my Euro maps on the Nav at same time. On 7/17 and 7/18, it will be in a diesel specialist shop and the DPF will be removed and cleaned/reinstalled.

On Friday 19, I should be making the trip across Belgium, France and Spain to Portugal. Around 2400km, about 1600 miles.....my son is arriving tomorrow to help with the trip. Since I have to arrive back in Portugal on the 20th this will be a marathon :)

Such a humble brag!


Have fun w your son, good times!

TriX5 07-11-2019 09:21 AM

2 Attachment(s)
ARD: Sorry!

Daughter had an art course in Florence and the wife promptly added a Grand Tour. :-) The X5 was late arriving in R'dam and coincided unhappily with this previously planned trip.

We did a five cities tour in a short time. Rome is chaotic but has a lot to offer in terms of art and architecture. The other cities and sights were also captivating. Doing this by car is quite doable but requires a bit of planning. I can be reached by PM if anyone needs some help.

The BMW angle: Sixt had thought to give us a Countryman for the two weeks but offered a BMW 220 Convertible as an alternative, which we took. What I should have noted when I posted, the convertible was great driving up Lake Garda but the heat wave made it less useful on the remainder of the trip.... This model is a typical example of BMW downsizing engines, I felt it was somewhat under-powered for a luxury car and sometimes scooting through traffic (which in Italy you need frequently) was impeded by a lack of grunt.

While on the way to Rome we passed Modena and could not resist the temptation to stop by the Ferrari museum. (Never owned one and no desire either but seeing the museum was fun.)

I promise pics of the X5's trials and tribulations as we try to get the work on it done and drive it long distance.

Added two iconic pics that illustrate some of the stops.

ard 07-11-2019 10:54 PM

Not at all. Love the pics!

TriX5 07-19-2019 09:45 AM

Sigh, the saga seems to be unending. I struggled to get the car out of customs mostly because they no longer accept any kind of application in person. All done through agents filing online.

So after two days I finally went to get it (two days after clearing the car with the warehouse people) and the rear suspension is clearly not coming up. Since the US side agent disconnected the battery I suspect something is off in the ECH. (Might it have switched to transport mode?)

However, the appointment for cleaning the DPF was due and I had to leave it there. Those folks called me the next day and said; sorry, we can't complete in two days as promised, it will take a week (they claimed the car has a lot more stuff than euro 09 which is true, and that dropping the sub-frame was news to them which I suspect is not true).

Today I went to see the car and they showed me around. The gent who is responsible for reassembly is out til Tuesday. The implications are not amusing but I will grind my teeth and bare it.... When I get it back, for various reasons can't pick it up till 26, I still need to add the euro tow hitch before I can drive off.

I downloaded the BMW diag. software and need to install it on my laptop over the weekend. When the hitch goes on I will also have to fix the issue with the ride height and the radio frequency as well as loading the euro maps which have been along in my backpack all week for nothing.

So, no pics of the car until next weekend when it will be earthbound again rather than six feet in the air.

TriX5 07-27-2019 02:15 PM

2 Attachment(s)
DPF has been cleaned and the engine is running smoothly, I am confident we can make it 1600 miles to Portugal.

While on the ship from NJ to R'dam the shipping company had disconnected the battery and the rear suspension had gone into transport mode, so had to find a shop willing to reset the EHC on a Friday afternoon..... I could not get INPA on my laptop to connect with the car. :-( At last I found a small BMW specialist in Leek (NL) who reset the EHC and calibrated the ride height in 15 minutes.

This morning I went to check the tire pressures and discovered that the driver's side front tire valve had snapped off just above the valve insert. It was holding pressure but looked quite disconcerting. I assume this is caused by strapping down the car in the container. Another emergency outing resulted until I found a small tire shop where they happened to have a BMW valve stem. I got them to tweak the rear suspension alignment as well.

After that I finally got around to mounting the tow hitch. I posted a picture below to show the deplorable shape the bumper cover was in. I had to buy some special glue to reattach the DSC sensors. Two of the sensors needed to be glued in and all four of the brackets that hold the top of the cover to the steel bumper piece.

My son installed the western Europe map but I still need to tweak the radio settings as per my earlier post. Tomorrow I finish the wiring for the hitch and then I can load for the long drive south.

The shipping has been more complex than I expected and it caused some unexpected problems. Still, it is good to have my own car, renting gets old at some point.

crystalworks 07-28-2019 10:18 AM

Quite the experience. Couldn't imagine having to go through that, and likely never will. Thanks for taking us along with you. Always enjoy reading members' travel documentations.

TriX5 08-01-2019 01:26 PM

The Money Shot!
2 Attachment(s)
We made it in three hops to our home in Portugal. See a pic at the very end of our street! The next pic is a shot in Spain of the plane, no rain :-)

After getting the hitch wiring sorted out we did about 200km on Sunday evening, then about 800km from Tilburg, NL to Tours in France on Monday (With a stop at stop at the Le Mans circuit! See separate post.) and 1500km on Tuesday in a bid to get home.

The car performed flawlessly but I realized on the first evening that my headlights were way out of adjustment and on the last day a fog light bulb broke. Nothing major really, I adjusted the headlights in my parking spot this morning. Finding the right bulbs for my fogs will be a bit harder as I like them in color 5 or 6k.

After crossing Turnhout in Belgium, we hit Antwerp and Kortrijk where traffic was dense but fast. Getting around Lille in France there was also heavy but moving traffic. Not bad for traveling in peak vacation travel time.

We drove through the Somme department to pass Amiens (to avoid traffic around Paris) and stumbled on the WWI me memorials near the town of Albert, quite interesting! Then on to Rouen (where a police car followed us for a mile but apparently decided not to ask about our MD plates) and on to Le Mans, then spent the night in Tours.

I did not know that western France is as gorgeous as it is! Maybe it was the time of year but the rolling hills with freshly harvested fields is incredible. Also the toll roads are smooth as glass and the glorious weather helped make it a great drive.

The drive from Tour to San Sebastian, on to Valladolid and Salamanca was uneventful apart from a bit of traffic around Bordeaux and also at the border area in the Pyrenees, where many roads converge. Nevertheless, the last 400km to get from Salamanca to the destination was not as much fun as it became a race against the clock at that point. I plan to take a trip around Spain in the next 6 months as there seems to be a lot of great vistas. (See pic.)

So after a total of abut 27 hours on the road we arrived with about 2500km added on the odometer.

The drive was fun and interesting as we crossed lots places I had never been before! And I have a bunch of new places to target for road trips in the future :-)

TriX5 08-01-2019 01:32 PM

Pics at Le Mans
4 Attachment(s)
Here are a few preliminary pics; the main gate and the museum. Then the BMW 328 and our drive down the Mulsanne Straight (the latter being maybe the most fun!! Don't worry about my son's Land Rover hat in that pic... :-)

I will add a few more pics in the next few days.

Nyc Dito 08-01-2019 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by TriX5 (Post 1166610)

Still, it is good to have my own car, renting gets old at some point.

This right here for me would make it all worth it. Having your own car in another country must be a good feeling!

As far as bulbs, try powerbulbs.com . They ship all over and are based in the UK I think.

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