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Best4x4xFAR 04-18-2019 01:37 PM

2013 Air Bag Recalls..
So I just got a letter that the Passenger Side Air Bag Recall is ready for our vehicle.

First Question, no Driver's side recall?

Second, is it true they have to take the whole dash off to replace the Passenger side airbag?

So who has had it done, and what horror stories do I have to worry about? :dunno:

Nanniepoo 04-18-2019 04:12 PM

Already a thread:


SF2000x5 04-18-2019 04:23 PM

had ours done last year but didn't think the whole dash had to be removed. the radio was re-installed crooked so we took it back to get it done right.

so when yours is done, check the alignment of panels before you leave the dealership.

josiahg52 04-18-2019 10:53 PM

Both of my airbags were replaced. I didn't even notice.

Best4x4xFAR 05-06-2019 12:41 PM

Read through that thread..
Last post was a couple of years ago..

Seems odd that many are saying the Driver's side bag was replaced..
But I have a Recall only for the Passenger side bag..

NHTSA Recall search shows the same thing, Passenger side only..
Reached out to Dealer, awaiting response, but I rarely put any faith in what they have to say..

josiahg52 05-06-2019 06:27 PM

Between the M5 and the X5, I've received so many of the recall notice postcards I lost track of what they said exactly.

My M5's driver's airbag is recalled but not the passenger's. For my X5, it just so happened both front airbags were recalled. That or the dealer replaced an airbag on the house.

I Imagine it depends what the production date of the vehicle is and what parts were installed at the factory. If it's not recalled, it's not recalled. It's probably worth your time to confirm your vehicle's status.

Best4x4xFAR 05-06-2019 11:14 PM

Well, dealer claims the driver's side was replaced on December 2017. I did't own it then, so I guess I have to take their word for it, and assume that was a final resolution replacement, and not a stop gap replacement with the same faulty (but newer) inflation mechanism..

Anyone know how to tell for sure?

Nyc Dito 05-07-2019 07:53 AM

When you run your VIN on BMW's site, it will show you what open recalls are available for your car. If it had the D/S airbag done already, it won't show up. The dealer most likely would have done it as well if it was open since they get paid by BMW to do them.

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