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freshwater 07-08-2014 07:09 PM

FAN running all the time when AC ON
I am observing this for last 2 months that my FAN on the front of the X5 runs all the time when I have AC ON, if I shut OFF AC the FAN stop immediately. FAN make very loud noise when it runs.

No Red Lights or codes thrown yet.
Is this a sign that the Water pump is going bad or the Thermostat gone bad.

If its Water Pump then why FAN shuts off when AC is not engaged, it only happened when AC is ON. Saw no Power Loss either..

bugbyte 07-08-2014 07:12 PM

Do you mean the Fan in the front of the SAV? If so then it suppose to kick on then the compressor engaging which is normal. So nothing to worry about as it is how the fan operate.

freshwater 07-08-2014 07:42 PM

Yes the FAN in the front of the SAV. Its a big FAN but I have never seen it running like this ( very Loud)for last 5 yrs, it just started few months back when we add some R134+. The noise is too much and people even notice it on Drive Throughs and Stop signs.

mkurniawansyah 07-09-2014 01:48 AM

If you got any elm or inpa cable. Try to check what is your actual coolant/motor temperature reading. High fan rotation may be triggered by higher operating temperature. And when AC is on may be the computer send command to fan to rotate faster to compensate additional load. Try to check your coolant level as well, whether is on low level or not.

BTW why you add R134?

freshwater 07-09-2014 02:36 AM

^^ Why I add R134+ ?

Since 2012 after Frigid Chicago Cold I am observing that X5 AC is not cooling starting May, took it to Dealer since it was under Warranty, they told me some time Freon leaks under cold temp and they fill it up but charge me for a fill UP. Same thing happened in 2013 summer, again the dealer charge me and fill it up. So in 2014 I think why pay the Dealer ~$180 and grab a Can of R134+ and do it myself. So when i was putting the R134+ I observe my FAN goes crazy like Jet Noise. But the AC start cooling very good. So parked the car turned it OFF, then saw my condenser smoke out the freon. Took to an Indy since vehicle out of warranty, he Replace the Condenser and Vacuum the freon and fill it up. Car is cooling again but the FAN noise never went away and always stay loud like a Jet.. also observe a big puddle of Water on the ground under the driver seat front wheels. I know its from condensation but never saw that much water before..

Did more reading and looks like my AUX FAN is stuck in a High mode, it has a built in FSU which controls the speed of the FAN and it goes High whenever I turned ON the AC. I might end up replacing the whole FAN unit.
part # 17427598740 . I am taking it again to the Indy this week to see what he thinks ?

I think the R134+ "+" is Bad and I should have used R134 only, I have used these cans before without any issues on my other Cars. But the "+" has something more like sealant and oil which messed up the condenser, compressor and cause all these issues..

Had my Coolant Flush in 5/2013 so that should be OK.
FAN never runs if AC is OFF, never see any lights on the Dash board or any codes thrown for Engine getting hotter.

freshwater 07-15-2014 04:20 PM

Indy told me its the Solar Sensor causing the FAN to run all the time. I am still not sure why a Solar Sensor in the Rear view mirror has to do with the AUX FAN running ??
They saw codes from the Solar sensor and think thats what causing the FAN to run constantly when AC is engaged.

seattle 07-15-2014 04:58 PM

What does the solar sensor do anyways?

freshwater 07-15-2014 06:18 PM

As part of climate control, the solar sensor takes into consideration external light and heat sources that influence the climate in the vehicle interior. The solar sensor consists of one photoresistor that measures the varying intensity of solar radiation. At high levels of solar radiation, the setting of the air conditioning system is correspondingly adapted to requirements.
The following settings are varied:
•Blower - The blower curve is changed
•Stratification - The stratification air temperature is changed
•Ventilation flaps - The angles of the ventilation flaps are changed

seattle 07-15-2014 07:07 PM

This complicated system doesn't seem to be doing a good job of keeping same temperature.
Having the setting on Auto at 65F during the day feels proper. The same setting at 9 PM is too cold. Requires me to switch to about 70F.

freshwater 07-15-2014 07:15 PM

But I still dont understand how this sensor can control the speed of the AUX FAN which is outside behind the Radiator.. Does it sending the signal to the Computer unit and that in turn drives the Fan. I can understand the Fan inside the Car can be controlled by this sensor since it push the air inside to keep it cool..

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