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Hudjase 09-07-2014 07:08 PM

2003 x5 4.4i compatible engines
I need a little help, I am replacing my 2003 4.4i engine due to timing chain guide failure. Engine option one is a 2001 4.4i with 86000 miles, which I know is compatible. Option two is a 2005 4.4i with 76000 miles. I am not sure if this engine is compatible. My gut tells me to play it safe and go with the 2001. But I like the idea of a engine with less miles and less years. Please help. I need to pull the trigger and make a decision on this tomorrow.


ard 09-07-2014 08:21 PM

I am not sure, but I believe they went to the N62 in 2004. Earlier it was a M62TUB44.

Can I comment that this seems an odd question for someone spending this much and doing something so significant?

How do you KNOW the mileage? and what are the condition of the internals and timing chain guides on the used ones?

Hope it works out-

Hudjase 09-07-2014 09:25 PM

I have taken my x5 to 4 different shops and no one will fix the timing chain guides. This is due to the amount of hours/ liability that they removed all the plastic peices out of the motor. All the quotes were for an engine replacement which ranged the lowest 4700 and the highest 8500. They all were purchasing salvaged engines. Unfortunately I don't know the condition other than the mileage and year. With the engine and install I'm looking at around 3600 dollars.

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