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V1 Hardwired-X5M

After doing a little research I did not get much clear direction on which wire to splice into. In case you want to hard wire your radar use the Green/white wire. And ground to the frame of the car.

This is a quick job, takes about 15 minutes:

1. Remove the light assembly by the rear mirror by pulling down from the mirror area first. There is a hinge at the rear of the assembly, that is why you will need to start at the front. Just pull on it, there are a few metal clips.

2. At the rear of the assembly you will see 4 or 5 wire harness and alot of wires!! You will tap in the the GREEN/white wire on the second to last plug on the passenger side. There are a few large 20 wire harness and a couple small 4-5 wire harness. Mine was black.

3. Plug back the tape to make some room and clip on to that wire.

4. For the ground I just drilled a small hole in the metal frame where there was a flange and screwed in a small bolt to ground the unit.

5. I ran the cord out the top of the head liner. It just pushes was too easy.

Test to make sure it's on and off with power and you are SAFE again!!
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