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I did some more searching on the Apple forums and found out that the problem with dropping calls seems to be related to loading the address book and other information from the phone to the car. A solution that has been suggested is, on iPhone only I guess, to go to bluetooth, click on the info button for the car connection, and then uncheck either "Phone Favorites", "Phone Recents" and/or "All Contacts". Since I like having my contacts available through iDrive, I unchecked only the first two (so I can't see favorites or recent calls on my iDrive screen). People with a very large number of contacts may need to uncheck "All Contacts" which means you have to dial from the phone or know the number to use iDrive.

It isn't clear whether this is an iPhone problem or BMW problem, but there is something in the handshake and data transfer at startup and perhaps other times that causes this. We'll see if an update to either software helps...
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