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Air suspension and/or Fuses 101?

OK, please pardon my ignorance or help me solve a mystery! While troubleshooting both air suspension and PDC problems, I came across this thread:

from which I began to check fuses for the air suspension. In the rear fuse block, I checked fuses 79 (7.5A) and 87 (30A). They are good – but as I went to plug them back in, both felt looser than the rest. Closer inspection of their slots showed that there appears to be only one-half of the socket for them to plug into!? You can’t have a circuit without both prongs of the fuse plugged into something, right? These are the only fuse sockets like this on the rear fuse block – all others have metal sockets for the prongs of the fuses. You can see all this in the photo I uploaded. For example, you can see both metal sockets for slots 77 and 78. A quick inspection of the backside of the block shows no obvious missing or loose wires, no dangling sockets, etc.

So, what am I missing here? I hope someone can help as I am very baffled and my troubleshooting is at a standstill.

Thanks in advance for any advice or education.
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