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OK, so I took the panel even further apart and did a very thorough examination. As you can see in the new photo, there are no wires going to slots 79 or 87 whatsoever. No missing sockets, no evidence of modification. Looking at the harness coming to the fuse block shows no broken or cut wires whatsoever. Looks bone stock.

Gentlemen I am convinced, at least for my vehicle, that these fuses were never wired into the circuitry. So for dozens of posts that talk about fuses 79 and 87 affecting the air suspension, I donít know what they are talking about. My 4.8is has the full four corner air suspension. Are the fuses wired differently from the other (rear axle only) E53s? Maybe thatís it? Why such a change/difference? Are my air suspension components properly electrically-protected somewhere else? Why are the fuse box maps and ownerís manual referring to useless fuses that donít connect to anything?

My bafflement continues, but I am going to button her up for now. Please continue to chime in; Iíll be watching this for a long time. Thanks!
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