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updating satnav in the morning

been searching the forums, going to update the satnav in the morning ,
(SW 3-1/40 currently in the car) which is version18 !! , ive downloaded the version 32 . and burned to a cd.
wish me luck


started process, at 08.45
burned cd (Phillips cdr) at lowest speed which is x10 ,
put cd is says loading software, then blank screen.
09.00 still blank screen
getting slightly worried now

great, had to take sat nav apart, now it wont accept cd's they wont even go into drive
so my update my satnav, now means I gotta buy another one
to say im hacked off is an understatement

great , just bloody great
ive not got by the looks an older version of the OS I had before , and a cd that wont eject
2001 black 4.4 , tv. satnav.
and for the weekends
2002 hayabusa

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