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Hi Again,

So, I wasn't able to locate the car, but if you know who's got it, tell them about my ebay sale: they can make some $.

This is what happened:
I was halfway through installing a new stereo. The speakers in the front were a 1500$ (new) Dynaudio Esotec System 342 set of 3-way front door speakers (tweeter+mid+woofer).

I had installed the passenger side, but I hadn't put the one in the driver's door yet, and had to go away for the weekend with the job half finished, BMW factory original in driver's door.

So; we got t-boned, hit by another car in the driver's side, and the car got written off, taken by the insurance company and sold at auction. The car (wherever it is) still has 750$ worth of Dynaudio speaker in the front left passenger door, undamaged!

I still have the ones from the drivers side door. I've put them up on in Australia. They are ebay item id:
and you can get them cheap.. ( 30$ at the moment :-O )

I'm also selling lots of other E53 parts that weren't on the car when it was crashed, parts the new owner of the writeoff might find useful.

2010 E70 3.0d M-Sport (RIP 3.0d e53)
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