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Short version: Comfort Access is wireless/RF; some metal tints stop RF.

Long version:
I believe thatsSome of the tints around are metalised, and I've heard (dunno if true) that they form a faraday cage (stop radio). So this means the comfort access fob sensors can't get the wireless signals to the sensors maybe?

This might mean that when the mrs approaches the car with her fob, the seat doesn't move into the correct spot. Not a big deal; but you get very used to it and spoiled. I also need the car to sense the fob when I walk up behind the car in my diving gear, so I can push a button and have the tailgate open, without having to use a normal key.

I'm worried that a metalised tint will shield RF from where it needs to get to..

Also, In the E70 LCI, I'm not sure if the comfort access sensors are external to the cabin (ie: in doorhandles) or inside door trim etc...

2010 E70 3.0d M-Sport (RIP 3.0d e53)
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