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I called Tint Professor and they sounded OK, but their shops were all quite a long way away from me. I went back to Peter at Tint-a-car North Melbourne.
Turns out, he had a non-metallic tint that I could use, that is legal all around, and didn't interfere with Comfort Access.

I booked my car in for 35% tint all around. Picked it up today. Looks quite good really. I'm happy with the job, but it's still drying etc., so I can't give my final rating yet.

For service quality, I would give them 10/10. I was referred to them by a bloke I know with a white 2010 X5 40d who went there, and also was very happy.

I will post some pics when I get time; and in a few weeks time, I will post a final quality review: for the moment, I would give them 9.5/10 but I think this will switch to 10/10 once they're dry (coupla days in the sun should do the trick).


Now to find a comfort/tinted front windscreen...

Thanks for your help Smokey53 and others!

2010 E70 3.0d M-Sport (RIP 3.0d e53)
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