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quick question on spare/storage

the X4 does not offer a spare, nor is there a storage compartment available to accommodate even a donut in the trunk.

I know you can drive the RFTs for 50miles, and hope that the nearest flat fix or tire shop has RFTs available in your size, or you call BMW assist and wait a few hours for them to get to you in the middle of the night during bad weather, (which is probably when it will happen..) but why can't these vehicles offer spare tires or at least a spot to store one in?

upgrading to the 20" wheel/tire set for the M-sport pkg gives you performance tires. I don't think they are all-season, so with that in mind, you still need to swap to all-season/performance tires like the Contis Extreme DWS. So my question is, has anyone, who owns an X4, examined the storage tray that holds the net and tie brackets to see if it can be removed or modified to accept a spare?

The entire tray only has a few plastic bolts that can be easily removed. Not sure what is underneath, but a quick glance tells me it may be possible to remove and use the larger area to store a donut. Obviously, I can't confirm this without purchasing the vehicle. But has anyone looked at this?

i know it's a long shot but this could potentially be a nice discovery!

if no one responds, then i guess i will be the first to explore once i have taken delivery.
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