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Winter wheel/snow tire setup

Hi guys, I am looking for a bolt on winter wheel/snow tire set up for my wife's 2011 X5. The car currently has the oem 19" wheels with Bridgestone run flats. The tires are close to needing replacement and was looking at all seasons, but thought I would take this opportunity to see about a second dedicated winter setup. The original tires suck and I never have liked their snow performance or ride quality.

I spent some time with the Tire Rack guys which was excellent, but they have limited wheel options. I think I would like to go with 18" diameter (-1" from oem) for better winter weather performance and tire selection. Not to mention better pricing for the 18s vs 19s.

I did some trolling on this forum, but have not turned up a lot options. I've seen some takeoff bmw wheels on Craigslist, but unfortunately winter is here I waited to long...ugh!

What is your opinions?
  • Buy 19" snows and put on oem wheels (avoid dealing with the whole TPMS crap)
  • Buy 2nd set of wheels and snows (18 or 19, w/wo TPMS)
  • Are there any other 1 stop shops/suppliers for wheels & snows?

Thank you in advance for your help.


PS. the throttle delay on this car is still unacceptable to me. Other than the lame tires and the throttle issue we love the car.
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