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Originally Posted by admranger View Post
... so here's the linky to the 30 minute cv boot change:

Just a side note: The procedure was done in approximately 30 minutes with 2 experienced engineers in no hurry. For just about everyone else doing this for the first time in their garage as a DIY, it will take you longer to set up and complete the task.

This method is an alternative way to the traditional book method. Either one you choose should net the same result.

As posted, if you can catch the boot leak without the axle clicking or making noises, just replace the boot. Indy shops can get you fixed for around $500. Dealership wont be so easy on your wallet for this job. If you need to replace the axle, bite the bullett and purchase a GKN replacement or the dealership reman axle. You dont want to throw on anything less than that for such a critical piece.
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