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Originally Posted by mikes123 View Post
You have a completely different problem, you should start a new thread.

Well upon a list of building issues I have with my 4.8is (see my bad luck thread), I was under the car looking for a transmission leak and noticed both of my inner boots are shot. The passenger side was spewing grease all over the place, and the driver's side seemed ok at first but then I noticed a small tear, but no grease has come out yet. The outer boots seemed ok. I have only put 2500 miles on the truck since I had it, and when I had the PPI done I do not remember there being any tears. Haven't noticed any popping noises either. So I ordered 2 new OEM boot repair kits today.

So basically looking over the 30 min CV change thread (it's long haven't read through all of it yet), I just need to unbolt the straight control arm closer to the engine and then pop the axle out of the CV joint? I probably will need to clean up the passenger side a little bit, but I don't think the driver's side has been contaminated at all.
You should take the time to read through it. There's more than one method listed in the whole post. The method you choose will depend on your resources and personal capabilities.

The alternative axle boot replacement procedures are clever but they're not made for everyone. The book method that Bentley publishes isn't really that hard at all nor is there anything wrong with the procedure.
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