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Exclamation P1093 follow up

Hi folks, nope I've got thick skin lol, been in the garage the whole time since practically and studying up...

I took apart the icv, it's dirty but shakes just like you said. Cleaned that. Disa was filty and stinks like gas... cleaned that too... It functions fine and as I saw on an e46 post turning the flap then putting my finger on the vent hole shows it's got vacuum.
Checked all the hoses and all are in shockingly good shape...

The p0430 code is gone (prior to doing any of this).

Only code remaining is p1093.

Took a trip to Bav Auto and bought a lemur bluetooth code scanner.
Looking at the live data the 02's seem fine. Fronts have big voltage swings and are lower voltage, rears are fairly flat w higher voltage. Main thing I was checking was bank 1 and 2 are fairly identical.
That leads me to believe I don't need new 02's, and the shop telling me I need a new rear cat could be mistaken. Thoughts?

I bought this thing recently, and wasn't very confident in the repairs prior to my ownership. They did a aux water pump, aux fan, AC recharge, etc.
I did a coolant expansion tank (leak on top at seem). Hoses all ok.
I now notice a small leak on the lower left at the coolant temp sensor. It seem there are two small square holes on either side. Those weep valves (I assume for blow off) are leaking. I've read that coolant leaks can cause a p1093? Huh?!

Also just did a valve cover gasket. The plastic around the valve cover were filled w oil. I didn't change the plugs yet, nor pull them.

When I pulled the disa looking w a flashlight inside the intake area it too stinks of gas, and is gummed up.

Still no running issues...
Gas mileage is poor(ish) at comb 18. Since the car is new to me I have no reference...

Trying to think logically on this based on good running condition, p0430 code gone, (all by itself), no gas smell, etc. the 02 bank 1 and 2 rear sensor 2 fuel trims are high, 99% on both at 2,509 rpm, at 50 mph, and at idle... Those numbers I'm a bit shaky on understanding...

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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