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Originally Posted by nitramluap
OK... I've just burnt the v26.09A (with my logo modification) and I'm about to go out and test it. Will report back...

Paul Martin
Not quite!

It rebooted, started installing... the progress bar got to the end and then it said there was an error.

I think I know why this is the case - the image I'm inserting into the file is larger than the 26.09A image.

The 26.09A image is 4,536 bytes
My image is 11,325 bytes

I don't think it is a simple matter of substituting the images within the file. It is in the file called NAVBOOT in the following folder:

There must be some sort of checksum or something... I don't know. I'll fiddle for a little bit more but I'm almost at the end of my technical abilities!

Paul Martin

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