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Thanks for the advise. I already have the old ones out, actually was pretty easy. Hardest part was getting the rotor off, lol. (not sure if that was even needed but I am replacing the brakes anyways). Having air tools definitely helps. Also, I borrowed this penetrating spray from a friend, he used to sell big truck equipment, and it is amazing stuff. I let it soak overnight, and the axle easily came out of the hub. All I did was remove the caliper and rotors, disconnected the height sensor and abs sensor, and then the straight lower control arm at the body side. That gave me enough room to remove it.

A bit off topic, but now that I have the axles out, I really need to go ahead and replace my motor mount and the driver's side engine bracket (item #1 below). It is broken on the top. The axles being out does give me more room, but I need to figure out what else I need to remove to get to it.

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