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The precat 02 sensor controls the amount of gas being injected into the cylinders. If you have a lean condition it will add fuel and if you have a rich condition it will take away fuel at the injectors.

I'm not aware that you can view the fuel trim from the rear 02 sensors.

I use an App called Torque Pro and can see long term and short term fuel trims on bank 1 and 2. I am also able to view the 02 sensors voltages. The pre cat sensors varies a lot but the post cat sensor shows almost a constant voltage.

The intake manifold shouldn't stink with the smell of gasoline. Seems like you have too much gas in the system. Have you verify what the fuel pressure is at the rail and if the fuel pressure remains once you shut the engine off. You could have leaky injector(s) or a rupture fuel regulator diaphram. The vacuum line from the F connector at the rubber intake bellow could be leaking so the regulator will assume that the throttle is wide open which will cause the computer to operate the injectors in an open position longer.

There are tests for checking if the cats are clogged. Go to Youtube video and check out some of the videos.
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