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Originally Posted by mam4.6 View Post
You say Power Lock is great for gloss and shine. I've read PNS doesn't have that smooth-to-the-touch feel, but has great shine. Just personal preference between the two? Also, can these be layered? Does the original coat need to be removed before a 6 month re-application?
Both are great for gloss and shine and durability, and hydrophobic properties. Difference is the "surface feel", application method, and that's pretty much it.

Application method - Power Lock is traditional liquid applied with a foam or MF applicator, left to haze and wipe off residues. PNS is literally you can spray on the surface (it comes out the viscosity of a thicker QD), wipe it in and off immediately, needs no "rubbing in" or set up time. If it stays on the surface any longer than a minute or so it will dry up rock hard like a coating, and only more PNS would remove it. Literally spray it on a half a panel, take an MF towel (I prefer a lower nap and gsm for removal, not the ultra plush towels), wipe it in and off to reveal clean and shiny paint. Works AMAZING for wheels as opposed to a liquid product regarding ease of application.

If you ran your (clean) hands over two panels of paint, one sealed with Power Lock and one sealed with PNS and left to cure overnight, the PNS side would feel markedly different than the Power Lock side. Its just the nature of it. It's smooth, for sure, but Power Lock is SLICK. As in you can throw a sock on your hood and it will slide right off.

As far as layering goes, for both I'd perhaps do a second coat within a week but other than that no other topper products are needed until the 4-6 month mark or until you notice the beads aren't as tight as normal, and I wouldn't mix the two (i.e. PNS over Power Lock, etc). You'll notice when the sealant degrades a bit. I rarely ever do strip washes either, as when I am ready to reapply my twice yearly sealant its also time to decon, and between the decon spray, Nanoscrub mitt, and clay bar use, that will strip away whats left.

Personally I have uses for both in my garage and regimen so I'd just get both, I love the super slick feel of Power Lock so I tend to keep that on my cars, and I love the durability and ease of application of PNS so I tend to use that exclusively on wheels, exhaust tips, and door jambs, under hood panels, and other hard to reach areas that I couldn't get to with a foam applicator and a liquid product, where its much easier to "spray and wipe away".
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