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Help with fault codes

I finally got a scanner and have the following error codes. Please help me diagnose what I may need to change. The first two codes I have an idea. Just the rest of them.

2883 (reading posts, maybe DISA )
2882 (reading posts, maybe DISA)

27CD Diagnostic Module - Tank Leakage

2744 transmission fluid temp sensor 'b' circuit intermittent

2745 intermediate shaft speed sensor 'b' circut

2746 intermediate shaft speed sensor 'b' circuit range/performance

274E Misfire detection sumcheck (not sure if this is the correct description)

2747 intermediate shaft speed sensor 'b' circuit intermittent

2801 transmission range (sensor b) circuit range/performance

Thank you very much in advance, I have been reading the forums and have an idea about the first two codes but I have no idea about the rest of them.
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