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274x - I thought it is misfire code, like

274(4) - is misfire on cylinder 4
274(5) - misfire on 5... and so on...

where did you get those descriptions from?

27CD suggests that the fuel system is hermetically sealed, with all these codes present, I would speculate that you have a single problem that causes those codes...

what would cause tank not be hermetically sealed and cause misfires? fuel rail? fuel filter?

i wonder if there are any gurus here that can shed some light into this...

the credit for below goes to:

Reference - Common error code list - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums

2711 DMTL pump final stage
2712 DMTL magnetic valve control
2713 Oxygen sensors switched
2714 Oxygen sensor heater after cat. (bank2)
2715 Oxygen sensor heater before cat. (bank2)
2716 Controller heater sensor after cat
2717 Controller heater sensor after cat (Bank2)
2718 Speed (rpm) sensor for missing tooth
2719 Speed (rpm) sensor for periode timing
271A Oxygen sensor before cat.
271B Oxygen sensor before cat.
271C Oxygen sensor after cat.
271D Oxygen sensor heater before cat.
271E Oxygen sensor heater after cat.
271F Lambda sensor periode duration ageing
2720 Lambda sensor ageing TV
2721 Lambda sensor ageing after cat
2722 Oxygen sensor2 before cat.
2723 output heater O2-sensor before catalyst
2724 Oxygen sensor2 after cat.
2725 Lambda sensor periode duration ageing
2726 Lambda sensor ageing TV bank2
2727 Lambda sensor ageing after cat bank2
2728 Adaption multipl. area2
2729 Adaption multipl. area2 (bank2)
272A Adaption multipl. area1
272B Adaption multipl. area1 (bank1)
272C Adaption add. per time
272D Adaption add. per time (Bank2)
272E Adaption add. per ignition
272F Adaption add. per ignition bank2
2730 failure within the idle-speed control
2731 Camshaft control inlet - VANOS
2732 NW-Control of inlet B2 (8cyl)/outlet (4cyl)
2733 NW-KW synchronfailure
2734 TPS/MAF plausibility
2735 TPS/MAF plausibility bank2
2736 Throttle controller PWM short test
2737 EWS-manipulation control
2738 Catalytic-converter conversion
2739 Catalytic-converter conversion LSU
273A Catalytic-converter conversion LSU bank2
273B Throttle controller PWM long test
273C Throttle controller diff.
273D Catalytic-converter conversion (bank2)
273E Signal temper.sensor exhaust1
273F Signal temper.sensor exhaust2
2740 Pedal-travel1 permanently
2741 Pedal-travel2 permanently
2742 Misfire detection cyl.1
2743 Misfire detection cyl.3
2744 Misfire detection cyl.4
2745 Misfire detection cyl.2
2746 Misfire detection cyl.
2747 Misfire detection cyl.
2748 Misfire detection cyl
2749 Misfire detection cyl
274A Misfire detection cyl
274B Misfire detection cyl
274C Misfire detection cyl
274D Misfire detection cyl
274E Misfire detection, Checksum failure
274F Misfire, Checksum failure, service rel.
2752 Pedal-travel half plausibility
2753 Monitoring ign. coil 1
2754 Monitoring ign. coil 3
2755 Monitoring ign. coil 4
2756 Monitoring ign. coil 2
2757 Monitoring ign. coil
2758 Monitoring ign. coil
2759 Monitoring ign. coil
275A Monitoring ign. coil
275B Monitoring ign. coil
275C Monitoring ign. coil
275D Monitoring ign. coil
275E Monitoring ign. coil
275F Pedal-travel defect
2760 Secondary air system
2761 Secondary air system bank2
2762 Secondary air valve
2763 Secondary air valve bank2
2764 Controll sek.air pump relay
2765 Controll sek.air valve
2766 Phase generator1 time duration
2767 Phase generator2 time duration
2768 Phase generator positioning failure
2769 Spring test DK-controller open spring
276A Control-unit recognition
276B Secondary air valve output stage bank2
276C Phase generator2 positioning failure
276D Tank-ventilation functional check
276E Tank-ventilation functional check bank2
276F failure within secondary air system
2770 failure within secondary air system
2771 Secondary air system locked
2772 Controll gas ventilation valve
2773 Tank-ventilation valve output stage bank2
2774 Monitoring cyc. failurestoring
2775 engine moment monitoring level 2
2776 Interface multifunction stearing wheel
2777 Monitoring controller function
2778 Switch clutch
2779 SG selftest RAM
277A Switch break
277B SG selftest ROM
277C SG selftest reset
277D Battery Voltage
277E Moment restrictor level 1
277F Crankshaft sensor
2780 Ref. marking generator
2781 Camshaft sensor inlet
2782 Camshaft sensor outlet
2783 Hot film air mass meter
2784 Thermostat diag. THM
2785 DK-Potentiometer
2786 Throttle-valve potentiometer 1
2787 Throttle-valve potentiometer 2
2788 Vehicle speed
2789 Bad way detection
278A Ambient temperature
278B Engine temperature
278C Intake air temperature
278D Temp. sensor coolant temperature
278E Diff. pressure sensor suction tube
278F LowRange signal not plausible
2790 transmission temp.
2791 Parts exchange without adaption
2792 Drosselklappe - Positionsüberwachung
2793 DK-Actuator regulator area
2794 DK-Actuator controlled
2795 Spring test DK-controller closing spring
2796 Throttle flap lower stop
2797 DK-Controller failure booster
2798 Throttle flap emergency air point
2799 Abort DV-adaption because of enviroment
279A Throttle flap adation - abort after
279B Thermostat jammed
279C Control heater cooler
279D Control engine fan
279E Output exhaust flap
279F Output fanA
27A0 Controll E-box fan
27A1 failure within secondary air system 2
27A2 Temp.sensor engine LR
27A3 CAN timeout HDEV2 SG
27A4 EWS3.3 Schnittstelle EWS-DME
27A6 Ansteuerung Einspritzventil 1
27A7 Ansteuerung Einspritzventil 3
27A8 Ansteuerung Einspritzventil 4
27A9 Ansteuerung Einspritzventil 2
27AA Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27AB Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27AC Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27AD Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27AE Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27AF Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27B0 Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27B1 Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27B3 Diagnose DK/HFM adjustment
27B4 Ambient-pressure sensor
27B5 Control inlet-VANOS
27B6 Control inlet-VANOS bank2
27B7 Controll gas pump relay
27B8 Plausibility diff. pressure sensor
27B9 BLS/BTS Plausibility
27BA Output AC-kompr. enable from AC-SG
27BB Camshaft control outlet-VANOS
27BC Camshaft control outlet-VANOS bank2
27BD Control outlet-VANOS
27BE Output outlet-VANOS bank2
27BF Camshaft sensor inlet bank2
27C0 Camshaft sensor outlet bank2
27C1 Master camshaft sensor
27C2 Controll AC-compressor relay
27C3 Signal oil level sensor (TOENS)
27C6 LDP Diagnose 0.5mm leak
27C7 LDP Diagnose 1.0mm leak
27C8 LDP system
27C9 Leak diag. module
27CA Ansteuerung DM-TL Pumpenmotor
27CB DM-TL 0.5mm leak MIL off
27CC DM-TL 1mm & 0.5mm leak
27CD DM-TL module
27CE Load sensor monitoring
27CF Ignition time Cyl.1
27D0 Ignition time Cyl.3
27D1 Ignition time Cyl.4
27D2 Ignition time Cyl.2
27D5 failure within the idle-speed control
27D6 Output idle-speed controller OFF
27D7 Output idle-speed controller ON
27D8 Failure depressure pump
27D9 Output DM-TL heater
27DA generator failure
27DC EWS3.3 Random-code storing
27E1 monitoring pedal-travel sensor
27E2 Knock sensor 1
27E3 knock sensor2 bank1
27E4 Knock sensor 3
27E5 Knock sensor 4
27E6 Knock sensor zero test
27E7 Knock sensor offset
27E8 Knock regulation Test impulse
27E9 Knock sensor zero test bank2
27EA CAN-Timeout HDEV
27EB CAN-Timeout TCU
27EC CAN-Timeout EGS
27ED CAN-Timeout ASC/DSC
27EE CAN-Timeout Instrumentenkombination
27EF CAN ACC-Signalfehler
27F0 Plausibility MSR-control
27F1 Plausibility ACC-control
27F2 Plausibility gas level
27F3 CAN-Timeout VVT-Control unit
27F4 CAN-Timeout VVT-Control-unit bank2
27F5 CAN-Timeout DME-Control unit
27F6 Pedal-travel
27F7 Pedal-travel Poti1
27F8 Pedal-travel Poti2
27F9 Start automatic control
27FA Input starter automatic
27FB Output controlled airflow
27FD Starter automatic
27FE Knock control offset bank2
27FF Knock control test signal bank2
280A Assign. camshaft to crankshaft
280D Control unit monitoring
280E Control unit monitoring
280F Camshaft control
2810 Engine speed monitoring
2811 Local CAN Bus Off
2812 oil temperature
2813 Control unit monitoring group A
2814 Control unit monitoring group B
2815 Control unit monitoring group C
2816 engine rpm monitor
2818 voltage-monitoring O2-sensor on air
281C BSD wire failure
281E Controll DISA
281F DISA-mount response
2820 Failure DISA
2821 DISA temp. warn level engine protection
2822 Forced switched EGS
2823 Heating lambda sensor befor Cat
2824 Heating lambda sensor befor Cat bank2
2825 Lambdasensor aging after Cat
2826 Lambdasensor aging after Cat bank2
2827 heater link at signal-path
2828 CAN ARS-Signalfehler
2829 CAN CAS-Signalfehler
282A CAN IHKA-Signalfehler
282B CAN PWML-Signalfehler
282C CAN SZL-Signalfehler
282D heater link at signal-path bank2
282E PWG-movement
2830 aging of O2-sensor behind catalyst (Bank
2832 Plausibility ASR-Torque
2833 Plausibility CAS
2834 Plausibility IHKA
2835 Plausibility PWML
2836 Plausibility SZL
2837 Plausibility EMF
2838 Output-stage AAV
2839 AAV-Functionality
283A Failure oil quality sensor
283B Camshaft control output bank2
283C Camshaft control output
283D PT - CAN bus off
283E VVT enable controll
283F Plausibilitaet Oeldruckschalter
2841 Air flushed injector valves control
2843 plausibility diagnostics LSU by LSH after
2844 internal diagnostics CJ125 SPI
2849 power break at pump-current
284A short circuit to minus or to plus at
284C LSU dynamic too slow
284F failure at speed-display kombi
2850 VVT-guiding sensor
2851 VVT-guiding sensor (bank2)
2852 VVT-ref. sensor
2853 VVT-ref. sensor (bank2)
2854 VVT-Sensor plausibility
2855 VVT-Sensor plausibility (bank2)
2856 VVT-Supply volatge for the sensor
2857 VVT-Supply volatge for the sensor
2858 VVT-Teaching function at stop
2859 VVT-Teaching function at stop (bank2)
285A VVT-Actuator monitoring
285B VVT-Actuator monitoring (Bank2)
285C VVT-CAN-communication
285D VVT-CAN-communication (bank2)
285E VVT-Control unit internal failure
285F VVT-Control unit internal failure (bank2)
2860 VVT-Controll
2861 VVT-Controll (bank2)
2862 VVT-Power supply
2863 VVT-Power supply (bank2)
2864 DM-TL-Pump control failure
2865 Power supply limit VVT-emergency
2866 VVT-stops leaning necessary
2867 VVT system overload
2868 VVT system overload (bank2)
286F AGR Valve output
2870 AGR Valve monitoring
2871 AGR Valve positioning sensor
2872 Diagnose AGR valve
2873 Output-stage HDEV-SG1 bank1
2874 Output-stage HDEV-SG1 bank2
2875 Output-stage HDEV-SG1 bank3
2876 Output-stage HDEV-SG2 bank1
2877 Output-stage HDEV-SG2 bank2
2878 Output-stage HDEV-SG2 bank3
2879 Signal exhaust temp. sensor 4
287A Output pressure control valve
287B Signal exhaust temp. sensor 3
287C Pressure sensor suction tube
287D Signal rail-pressure sensor
287E Pressure control valve
287F High pressure sensor test
2880 AGR system
2881 CDKBKE Output twist generator controller
2882 Output pressure control valve
2883 Rail-pressure regulation
2889 plausibility monitoring of the RAM backup
2893 DME- Temperature
2898 lambda sensor after cat bank1: signal
28A0 Output gas circuit switch
28C8 Lambdacontrol mismatch
28C9 Lambdacontrol mismatch bank2
28D2 Pressure sensor charge-air
28D3 Plausibility ambient- to charge pressure
28D4 Pressure control valve
28D5 Output charge pressure control valve
28D6 HO-Proc.failure, coding missing
28D7 Generator communication
28D8 RAM backup-failure
28D9 elec. heater
28DA CAN timeout elec. heater
28DB min. Lift adaption repeat. ran over
28DC generator 2 communication
2906 AGR valve monitoring
2907 AGR valve monitoring
2908 CAN timeout DSG SG
2909 CAN timeout EGS
290A active front steering torque
292B LSU adjustment line
292C LSU adjustment line bank2
292D LSU Nernst cell break
292E LSU Nernst cell break bank2
2930 LSU virtual mass break
2931 LSU virtual mass break bank2
2936 fuel pressure sensor
2937 funktion monitoring: Lambda Plausibility
296B inverted lambda sensors of front cat
2972 Control pump for breaks
297D CAN SSG signal failure
2981 Control controlled airflow
299B IBS communication
299C IBS general error
299D IBS plausibility
29A8 power management network failure
29A9 power management
29AE tank-ventilation-system major leak
29CC misfire detection summation error
29CD misfire detection cylinder 1 in 1. ignition
29CE misfire detection cylinder 2 in 4. ignition
29CF misfire detection cylinder 3 in 2. ignition
29D0 misfire detection cylinder 4 in 3. ignition
29D9 misfire at too low fuel filling level
29DD Bad way detection
29E5 LR-Adaption multiplicative area2 (Bank1)
29E6 LR-Adaption multiplicative area2 (Bank2)
29E7 LR-Adaption additive per time (Bank1)
29E8 LR-Adaption additive per time (bank2)
29E9 LR-Adaption add. per ignition
29EA LR-Adaption add. per ignition bank2
29EB LR-Deviation
29EC LR-Deviation bank2
29ED LR-Adaption multiplicative area1 (Bank1)
29EE LR-Adaption multiplicative area1 (Bank2)
29F4 Catalytic-converter conversion
29F5 Catalytic-converter conversion (bank2)
29F8 Cat-konversion LSU
29F9 Catalytic-converter conversion LSU bank2
29FE secondary air injection system
29FF secondary air system (Bank2)
2A01 secondary air injection control valve
2A02 Control air system valve
2A03 secondary air pump relay
2A05 Secondary air valve bank2
2A0E AGR valve
2A12 magnetic valve DMTL control
2A13 Control DMTL pump motor
2A14 DM-TL Fine leak
2A15 tank-ventilation-system major leak
2A16 DM-TL 0.5mm leak MIL off
2A17 DM-TL module
2A18 Control DMTL heater
2A19 Tank ventilation valve
2A1A Tank-ventilation functional check
2A1D Tank leakage monitoring
2A1E Leackage diagnostic pump
2A58 VVT-Enable control
2A59 VVT-leading sensor
2A5A VVT-leading sensor bank2
2A5B VVT-ref. sensor
2A5C VVT-ref. sensor (bank2)
2A5D VVT-Sensor plausibility
2A5E VVT-Sensor plausibility (bank2)
2A5F VVT-Supply volatge for the sensor
2A60 VVT-Supply volatge for the sensor
2A61 VVT-Teaching function at stop
2A62 VVT-Teaching function at stop (bank2)
2A63 VVT-Actuator monitoring
2A64 VVT-Actuator monitoring (Bank2)
2A65 VVT-Control unit internal failure
2A66 VVT-Control unit internal failure (bank2)
2A67 VVT-activation
2A68 VVT-Output-stage (bank2
2A69 VVT-Power supply
2A6A VVT-Power supply (bank2)
2A6B Power supply limit VVT-emergency
2A6C VVT-stops leaning necessary
2A6D VVT-system overload
2A6E VVT-system overload bank2
2A6F multip. min lift adaption stop
2A70 error current plausibility
2A71 output stage diagnostics of discharge relay
2A72 Actuator control VVT throw adjustment
2A80 injector-VANOS
2A81 Control inlet-VANOS bank2
2A83 camshaft control- Input
2A85 outlet-VANOS
2A86 Control outlet-VANOS bank2
2A88 camshaft control outlet
2A89 camshaft control outlet-VANOS bank2
2B5C Crankshaft sensor
2B5D Ref. marking generator
2B61 Assign. camshaft to crankshaft
2B62 camshaft sensor inlet
2B63 camshaft sensor outlet
2B64 camshaft sensor inlet bank2
2B65 camshaft sensor outlet bank2
2B66 Master camshaft sensor
2B71 Failure DISA
2B72 DISA temp. warn level engine protection
2B7F Diagnose DK/HFM adjustment
2B80 idle running controling
2B8A Knock sensor zero test
2B8B Knock sensor offset
2B8C Knock regulation Test impulse
2B8D Knock sensor zero test bank2
2B8E Knock control offset bank2
2B8F Knock control test signal bank2
2B98 plausibility monitoring of the RAM backup
2B99 RAM Backup
2B9A ECU self-test RAM
2B9B ECU self-test ROM
2B9C ECU self-test Reset
2B9D overvoltage detection on VCC
2B9E Energy saving mode active
2BA7 torque restrictor level 1
2BB6 Control main relay
2C24 interchanged O2-sensors
2C37 heater link at signal-path
2C38 heater link at signal-path bank2
2C39 LSU dynamic too slow
2C3A LSU dynamic too slow bank2
2C3B voltage-monitoring O2-sensor on air
2C3C voltage-monitoring O2-sensor on air
2C45 lambda sensor in front of cat
2C46 Lambda sensor of front cat bank2
2C47 short circuit to minus or to plus at
2C48 short circuit to minus or to plus at
sensor-line bank2
2C49 plausibility diagnostics LSU by LSH after
2C4A plausibility diagnostics LSU by LSH after
catalyst bank2
2C4B internal diagnostics CJ125 SPI
2C4C internal diagnostics CJ125 SPI
communication bank2
2C4D power break at pump-current
2C4E power break at pump-current bank2
2C4F LSU adjustment line
2C50 LSU adjustment line bank2
2C51 LSU Nernst cell break
2C52 LSU Nernst cell break bank2
2C53 LSU virtual mass break
2C54 LSU virtual mass break bank2
2C55 Lambda sensor periode duration ageing
2C56 Lambda sensor ageing TV
2C6A inverted lambda sensors of front cat
2C6D Lambda sensor aging of rear cat bank1
2C6E Lambda sensor aging of rear cat bank2
2C6F lambda sensor aging of rear cat (VL- test)
2C70 aging of O2-sensor behind catalyst (Bank
2C71 lambda sensor in rear of cat
2C72 Lambda sensor of rear cat bank2
2C9C output heater O2-sensor before catalyst
2C9D output heater O2-sensor before catalyst
2C9E Control heater sensor after cat
2C9F Control heater sensor after cat (bank2)
2CA0 lambda sensor heating in front of cat
2CA1 Oxygen sensor heater before cat. (bank2)
2CA2 heating lambda sensor of front cat
(shearing stress)
2CA3 heating lambda sensor of front cat
(shearing stress) Bank2
2CA8 Oxygen sensor heater after cat.
2CA9 Oxygen sensor heater after cat. (bank2)
2CEF DK-actuator
2CF0 DK-Actuator regulator area
2CF1 DK position monitoring
2CF8 DK-poti sensor
2CF9 Throttle-valve potentiometer 1
2CFA Throttle-valve potentiometer 2
2CFF DK-Controller failure booster
2D00 spring-check throttle-valve-actuator
closing spring
2D01 spring-check throttle-valve-actuator
opening spring
2D02 error emergency air setpoint
2D03 Abort DV-adaption because of enviroment
2D04 throttle valve adaption
2D05 Abort at UMA-repeat learning
2D08 parts exchange without adaption
2D0F Hot film air mass meter
2D10 Plausibility HFM
2D11 Plausibility, mass flow Lambda sensor
2D12 Plausibility, mass flow Lambda sensor
2D19 PWG-movement
2D1A accelarator potentiometer
2D1B Pedal-travel Poti1
2D1C Pedal-travel Poti2
2D28 Diff. pressure sensor suction tube
2D29 Plausibility diff. pressure sensor
2D32 Plausibility pressure sensor intake tube
2D6E moment monitoring level 2
2D6F Load sensor monitoring
2D70 Control unit monitoring group A
2D71 Control unit monitoring group B
2D72 Control unit monitoring group C
2D73 fuel pressure sensor
2D74 funktion monitoring: Lambda Plausibility
2D75 engine speed monitoring
2D76 pedal encoder monitoring (level2)
2D78 Control air mass flow adjustment
2DB4 interface MFL
2DBF CAN ACC signal failure
2DC8 CAN- Timeout EGS
2DCA CAN timeout EGS
2DCB CAN SSG signal failure
2DCF CAN- Timeout instrument combination
2DD6 CAN- Timeout ASC/DSC
2DD7 CAN timeout DSG SG
2DD8 active front steering torque
2DD9 CAN ARS signal failure
2DDA CAN CAS signal failure
2DDB CAN IHKA signal failure
2DDC CAN SZL signal failure
2DDD CAN-Timeout VVT-Control unit
2DDE VVT-CAN-communication
2DDF VVT-CAN-communication (bank2)
2DE6 CAN-Timeout DME-Control unit
2DEB power management network failure
2DEC power management
2DED Powermanagement: quiescent current
2E24 spark coil cylinder 1 in 1. ignition
2E25 spark coil cylinder 2 in 4. ignition
2E26 spark coil cylinder 3 in 2. ignition
2E27 spark coil cylinder 4 in 3. ignition
2E30 injection valve cylinder 1 in 1. cylinder
2E31 injection valve cylinder 2 in 4. cylinder
2E32 injection valve cylinder 3 in 2. cylinder
2E33 injection valve cylinder 4 in 3. cylinder
2E68 Knock sensor 1
2E69 knock sensor2 (Bank1)
2E6A Knock sensor 3
2E6B Knock sensor 4
2E7C BSD wire failure
2E86 Electrical water pump
2E8B IBS communication
2E8C IBS general error
2E8D IBS plausibility
2E95 generator communication
2E97 CDKDGEN/CDKGEN - BSD generator
2E9F Failure oil quality sensor
2EA0 Oil status sensor
2EB8 BSD-message from IBS not existent
2EBC BSD message from oil sensor missing
2EBD BSD message from generator missing
2EBE BSD message from generator missing
2EE0 Temperature sensor engine cooling liquid
2EEA Temp. sensor coolant temperature
2EF4 Thermostat characteristic diagram cooling,
2EF5 Thermostat characteristic diagram cooling,
2EF6 characteristic diagram thermostat
2EFE engine blower
2F08 Intake air temperature
2F0D Control controlled airflow
2F12 Air conditioner compressor control
2F17 Forced switched EGS
2F1C oil temperature sensor
2F21 engine controller, power reduction
2F44 EWS3.3 manipulation protection
2F45 EWS3.3 Interface DME-EWS
2F46 EWS3.3 Random-code storing
2F4E Vehicle speed
2F50 failure at speed-display kombi
2F58 Control starter automatic
2F59 Input starter automatic
2F5A Start automatic control
2F62 Switch brakes
2F67 Switch clutch
2F6C Control exhaust flap
2F71 E-Box blower
2F76 Ambient-pressure sensor
2F7B oil pressure switch
2F80 error CAN / relative timer
2F85 DME- Temperature
2F8A Battery Voltage
2F94 fuelpump relay
2F99 Ambient temperature
2F9E Thermical oillevel sensor
2FA3 HO-proc.failure, coding missing
2FB2 suction jet pump for brake force amplifier
2FB7 electr. under pressure pump for brake
CD87 PT - CAN bus off
CD8B Local CAN Bus Off
CD9B status vehicle-mode
CDA1 angle of steering wheel
CDA2 powermanagement battery voltage
CDA3 powermanagement charge voltage
CDA7 status gear reverse
CDAA control crash-switch-off EKP
CDAC status water valve
E53 X5 4.6iS
147K mi - Sold May 2013
Tireprints left in:
USA, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Russia

E53 X5 4.8iS built 2005-10-17
66200 mi - June 2012
96000 mi - June 2013
112000 mi - June 2014
OEM fire extinguisher
OE first aid kit
OE tow hitch
OE TV module
OE aspheric mirror
K&N air filter
black/white badges
rear camera
4-channel video recorder

Here is the list of things I have done to the X
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