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I am no expert. I used the DIY that was provided in this thread and also this one:

Also, i watched this video:

I ordered my airbags from this place: Auto Parts, Buy Car Parts, Automotive Accessories - Buy Auto Parts

Just like they said, its on the same level as changing your oil. I raised the rear of my car and kept it up on jack stands the whole time. The hardest thing was getting the top part of the airbag in because you have to line up the grooves, put it in this hole and twist it. It was more annoying then difficult. After you have everything installed, remove the jack stands and slowly lower it back to the ground. I mean slow... I stop lowering it when the tires were barely touch the ground, but low enough for the compressor to kick in and inflate the bags. I waited until the bags were filled and then i slowly lowered the car.

If you're bags are starting to sag, I would replace them asap. Dont wait like me and have the compressor go out too. Just like everyone said, that compressor will give out trying to constantly pump the bags up.

Good luck!
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