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After I initially installed the air bags, I lowered the car and let it inflate on its own. After, I pulled it out of my garage and let it sit in the driveway running. After a few minutes, I checked the rears and they seemed perfect. I drove the street and then I heard two separate pops.

After the bags popped, I reinstalled the old bags, but this time I lowered the car real slow and lowered just enough to where the tires were touching the ground. I then let airbags inflate before I completely took it off the jack.

Could it be that on my first attempt I lowered the bags too fast and the impact messed something up? Is it bad to let the airbags inflate from the ground up? Or were the bags just defective? If it did over inflate, wouldn't it done that to the old airbags i reinstalled. Man, I'm going to be very cautious tomorrow. I don't think they will send me a 3rd pair of airbags for free if I mess it up.
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