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Okay, so i installed the replacement airbags today with no problems. This time they sent me the oem airbags and not the arnotts. This time i made sure everything was secured in real good with the springs and i took my time lowering the car until the bags filled. The only hick up i had was that i didnt tighten the valves to the compressor so air was leaking for a little, but i fixed that. I drove it around for a while on the freeway and its good. One thing i did notice was that the oem replacements fit a lot better at the bottom of the airbag. They clicked in when i pushed them down and they were stuck in there real good. It wasnt moving at all. Unlike the arnott airbags, They didnt click in and I had to go underneath and push the clips out so it could lock better. Even after i did that the arnotts seemed a little loose at the bottom. Either way, Its been solved. My next duty will be changing the brakes, but ill wait a month or so...Thanks again for everyones feedback....
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