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No Prob. I will post a full detail with pic after I am 100% complete, but perhaps I can steer you in the right direction for now.

I am working with an 01 E53. Factory Nav with the wide screen display. Nav Drive and Changer in DS wheel well. Non DSP. Radio brains are under the spare, and the Alpine factory amp is in the well by the other devices. 10 speaker component configuration with varying opinions as to what is hi/mid/&low. No Factory Sub.

Frankly from what I have gathered in my process is that Creisa’s advise on the Dynavin is spot on!

My Alpine E53 AMP took on water at some point and was fried. The really bad news to this point was that all of the speaker crossover logic is contained within the function of the amp.

Since I was forced to replace the amp, whatever "plug n play" benefit would have been gained by using the A0569 BMW Extended Installation cable would still leave me with a pair of snips, and the task of wiring up crossovers.

As my talent level goes, I am perfectly comfortable in the 12V world, however the task of removing the cars body parts in order to run new cabling usually wont result in a perfect reassembly.

As I had the infamous dual 12 Pin plugs at the dash location (one blue, one white) I proceeded on the notion that I would just use these to get line signals from the front to the back.

It took a little bit of time to trace them and sort them all out, but they do indeed terminate in the back of the X5. One set to the radio brain box, and the other in the wheel well. (original destination... the NAV drive. )

They do however contain a few lines that draw need for caution.

• Cut them one at a time! - Like your defusing a bomb! They are hot 12V lines. …and perhaps most critical the yellow/white ibus line. You won’t want to cut through the whole mess and short something to ground.

• Find the 12 Lines ( and ibus ), on both ends cap them so they don’t find a ground some day while crossing some tracks.

It wound up being a pretty efficient way to get line signals from the front to back. You would think this would be an easy adapter to make as BMW and Audi(VW) have used these same style of connectors for some time.

I soldered RCA’s over 5 pair for Front, Back and Sub. There was a 12V / ACC / GRND both at the dash and in both back location. A canbus adapter can be hooked up to the white/yellow that is present in the dash. Just make sure you cap the other ends in the back. My steering controls worked perfectly.

The speakers were kind of a pain in the ass. I do not have a sub at this point so I just bought 2way crossovers. I omitted the dash speakers. Most agree these were the factory mids, but they are actually the same Hayes speakers that are in the doors. ( of course I am not the original owner and I can tell previous work has been done, so who knows if what I am seeing is stock.

Four passive crossovers off the 4 channel amp to feed the individual component speakers. I found a lot of variations in speaker wire colors. I wired up a temp line from my amp, plugged in the old ipod and did an audible trace of the speaker wires.

Make sure you use a low volume and if you can, dump everything under 1K so you don’t feed your 1in tweeter the bass intro to Rappers Delight!!

If you snip the 42pin plug that goes into the E53 Amp, keep in mind that there are also 12V lines present. There are also signal input lines that go between the brain and the amp. They all look like they could be speaker lines, but at least four are not.

I am left to just figuring out the antenna mess.

Feel free to reply if there is something more specific you need now. I have a great appreciation for these forums and the commitment to help a Beemer Brother out.

…can’t seem to find the forum when I am working on my daughters Corolla ☺
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