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Changing the Nav voice is a bit fiddly. I did it with V25. I changed the female USA voice to the female UK voice. I'm originally from the UK .. so this is what prompted me to do the switch in the first place .....

I followed the instructions here (its for the mini, but its pretty much the same as the BMW I-Bus NAV system).

But I notice for V25 at least the file structure was a bit different. These were the changes I made:

Follow his instructions but note the following.

So navigate to the

rename usa_f.csf to usa_f.bak
rename gb_f.csf to usa_f.csf


rename usa4f.tsf to usa4f.bak
rename gb4f.tsf to usa4f.tsf



rename usa4f.tsf to usa4f.bak
rename gb4f.tsf to usa4f.tsf

I've have loaded V26, but not looked at the structure yet, so it may have changed again. I should point out that for V25, in the end, I switched back to the USA voice, as I found the UK voice although fun didn't always prompt you at the correct time ... and just seem weird at times.

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