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RealTime Traffic, Combobox Media

Hi Guys,

I have a 2010 X5 3.0d LCI, that doesn't have Combobox.

I was wanting to get real time traffic information (RTTI) somehow, ideally that works with the inbuilt NAV so that it warns/reroutes on traffic snags. I've updated to 2015 maps.

Is there ANY option for us aussies that will integrate RTTI into the Nav+IDrive for E70 models?

I've seen Bimmertech overseas, who will supply and remote code and combobox media, which will give me Internet and BMW live ( see Combox Media PnP Retrofit, combox media bluetooth, bmw retrofit combox, combox bmw - ConnectedDrive Retrofits - BMW F30 2012+ - BimmerTech ), but not sure if this will help with RTTI.

I'd prefer NOT to use google maps in the car, but have the builtin NAV work with RTTI in Aus.

ALso, does anyone have an E70 with Internet and BMW Live in Australia? Does it work OK/provide useful stuff?

Cheers + thanks,
2010 E70 3.0d M-Sport (RIP 3.0d e53)
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