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Originally Posted by swissfrank View Post
**update, solved by searching the forums and removing and tightening E10 torx bolt #5 in diagram to 28Nm. This bolt connects shaft #2 and #3 (diagram below) together. the aluminum knuckle that attaches to the steel shaft is starting to wear, torquing them together seems to have removed my extra free play in the steering wheel, will source a new part for a future project.***
Thanks for the follow-up.
My free-play is about 1/3 of what your video shows, and the steering feels heavier than I think it should. So I'm not in bad shape, but hoping to improve things to ensure it's safe and to push any real repairs well out into the future.

From your "solved" description, it sounds like you found no problems with the joint itself, and that the problem was just in the clamping of the double-u-joint assembly to the steel shaft. Right? If I find the same thing, I'd assume that after re-seating and re-torquing that connection, my u-joints would be fine. Right?

Does it make sense to lubricate the u-joints while I'm in there? With what?

Sounds like you did this all without really removing anything other than that one screw. Right?

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